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We teach women, just like you, how to have the confidence they need to stand tall and achieve!

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Confidence is the world's most sought-after personality trait.

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I’m an Awesome Woman who needs more  confidence to create the kind of life I want.

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I’m a Rockin’ Business Woman who needs more confidence to skyrocket my business.

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I’m a Working Wonder Woman who needs more confidence to move forward in my career.

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Podcast Episodes

Jodie & Anastasia welcome you to their new podcast, explain what the podcast is all about and share their personal go-to confidence tips for women!

Everyone has a negative voice in their head. Successful people just know how to manage it. In this episode, we talk about the tips and tricks to be able to manage negative thinking!

We’ll teach you how to powerfully and confidently say NO with game-changing tips on how to rethink the way your value your time and energy.

Everything you ever wanted to do… but DIDN’T… is because of fear?! In this week’s podcast, we’re chatting about why fear is good, why fear is necessary and why confident women LOVE facing fear!

Welcome to RiSe Women!

RiSe Women has a BIG vision – Confident Women Globally. 

A vision that every woman has the right to be confident.  All women deserve love, dignity and the right to be heard.  And, they deserve to be and love who they are!

And that’s why Confidence for Women is our absolute passion!

Rise Women is a woman-owned and woman-run business.  We have families, kids, after school sport, smart phones, to-do lists, washing up and groceries to buy, so we keep our working hours flexible and do our best to maintain a balanced lifestyle!

We strive to keep it real, walk our talk, be bold and honest – and we love helping women become the most confident version of themselves!

We are SO passionate about this business and the subject of confidence that we are almost toppling off our best pair of heels!   Our goal is clear – we are committed to making a difference to women throughout the world by guiding them, inspiring them and supporting them to have the confidence levels they have always dreamed of.

Jodie and Anastasia from Rise Women

Confidence and belief in yourself are the most important life lessons you can master.

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