All the tools and techniques you need to get your confidence in shape in just 30-Days!

Did you know, confidence is a learned skill? It’s not something you’re born with – anyone can learn the skills they need to be more confident, any time, at any age!

That’s why we’ve taken years of experience as a confidence coach, and developed a fun 30-Day Kick@ss Confidence Challenge!

In just 30-days, you’ll learn the tools and techniques necessary to be a more confident you!

You’ll get:

  • One email per day, for 30 Days, guiding you through new confidence skills
  • Worksheets and Checklists to complete your daily tasks
  • Key techniques, broken down into easy to apply daily tasks
  • Guidance on forming new habits for a more confident life
  • A wrap-up survey each week, to reinforce what you’ve learnt
  • Support and accountability from our confidence coach, Jodie Bruce-Clarke

Each day requires no more than 20 mins of your time,

is fun and easy to complete!


You’ll also receive our eBook – 10 Quick Tips To Boost Your Confidence

Our beautifully designed, 20+ page eBook, is jam-packed with 10 confidence boosting techniques that you can print out and keep within reach for daily reinforcement of what you’ve learnt in the 30-Day Challenge!

Normally $9.50


Your 30-Day Kick@ss Confidence Challenge is run by

our Rise Women founder and confidence coach – Jodie Bruce-Clarke:

“Hi – I’m Jodie! I’m an unapologetically-honest, red-obsessed, jewellery-loving, bold and bright, tell-it-like-it-is sort of woman and am outspoken on topics I truly believe in, especially the rights of women and children to live in safe, loving and healthy environments.

Now let’s get this straight… I was not born with truckloads of confidence, I was not bestowed with a magical gift, nor did I have some super-human genetic code. My confidence is a result of many years worth of growth, learning, mistakes and practise. It’s something I work on daily, using a whole bunch of practical and relevant techniques that I’d like to share with you.

Over the years, I’ve taught many clients and audiences the confidence techniques that I use daily and have helped them design their own personalised confidence programs. This is how RiSe Women was born and why I absolutely LOVE what I do!

Rise Women has been my passion for years and I’d love to get to know you and help you build the confidence levels you’ve always wanted because, as I always say… ‘With Confidence, anything is possible!’”

About the Challenge:

We absolutely love working with women to help them build their confidence skills and lead a confident life. So much so, that we wanted to make it available to ALL WOMEN, EVERYWHERE!

So, in our pursuit of world domination (*wink*), we took our years of experience providing confidence coaching, and developed a fun, easy to follow Kick@ss Confidence Challenge, with daily lessons and activities, designed to engage, teach and motivate you to learn and embed the skills and techniques you need to smash through your mental roadblocks and embrace a more confident life!

In this challenge, we have broken down some of key confidence techniques you need, including:

  • Creating your tribe
  • The power of daily rituals
  • Eliminating negative thoughts
  • Creating power mantras to literally re-program the voice in your head
  • Cementing new habits
  • The importance of accountability
  • and much, much more…

You’re just 30-Days away from a more confident you!

Are you up for the challenge?


Who is the 30-Day Kick@ss Confidence Challenge for?

→ Women who are at a cross-roads in their life and are having trouble making decisions.

→ Women who are considering a career change, returning to the work-force, or bouncing back after redundancy and in need of that little boost of confidence to help you put your best foot forward.

→ Women who are navigating the world of motherhood and feeling like a shell of their former self!

→ Women who are rebuilding their life after divorce or break-up, and need some help reconnecting with their kick@ss single self again.

→ Women who are running their own businesses but who are overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the task and may be suffering from the dreaded ‘imposter syndrome’.

→ Women who have considered confidence coaching before, but want to dip their toe in the water before taking the plunge.


If you resonate with any of the above, then don’t delay – sign up to the challenge NOW and

feel the difference after just 30-Days!


What can having more confidence do for your life?

We have helped lots of ladies overcome crisis’ of confidence in their lives, through teaching them the tools and techniques for achieving and maintaining their confidence every-day. Here are some of their words:

Jodie is an organiser, motivator, coach, cheerleader and wealth of knowledge wrapped up in a gorgeous, tall woman wearing red shoes! I was ready to go into a business (or several) and really branch out on my own but had no idea which one of my interests I should follow.

Jodie was pivotal in assisting me to gain clarity around that and then map out the steps with me, as they evolved, each week, until my business launch. Jodie is hands on, full of techniques to assist with the weekly struggles of launching a business and perfectly capable of pulling you into line (in a nice way) when needed. There were times where I thought, this is all just too hard and could have walked away but after a meeting with Jodie, I was back on track, guns blazing, feeling organised and energised.

I can’t recommend Jodie highly enough! My business has taken off and I am moving into new and exciting business ventures. I can’t wait for my next catch up!

Natalia Michaels – Coaching Client

“Over a couple of months I went from being unable to even think about how to make some career decisions, to being so energised I wouldn’t say die. Working with Jodie got me from undecided but wanting change, to get out of my way I am ready to go.

Melinda – Coaching Client

“Change is hard, but not as suffocating as stagnation. Jodie was my mirror when I truly needed one.
She was my strength when my own was lost.  She gave me hope when I lost my way.  My life today is richer than it has ever been.  It took me a while to invest in myself, but working with Jodie to achieve my goals was more valuable than I ever imagined possible.

Margaret – Coaching Client