5 undeniable reasons why you ABSOLUTELY need more confidence

why you need more confidence

We’d all love to have more confidence in our lives, right?

In fact, even people who believe they’re already confident know that, with more confidence, they can go on to do even greater things.

So, what’s stopping us from consciously making an effort to improve our confidence? And why is this pursuit ABSOLUTELY necessary for us to live the most self-expressed and fulfilled life?

Well, here are 5 undeniable reasons why MORE confidence can (and WILL) make you the best version of yourself.

1. Confident people always try to think POSITIVELY

Confident people always have a positive and open attitude towards life, and they often don’t feel as overwhelmed about problems and issues as those with lower confidence levels. 

Confidence gives you a stronger belief in your skills, talents and abilities and it’s THIS belief that allows you to dream big and achieve your goals.  It’s also this belief that will make you less susceptible to the influences of fear, self-doubt and the opinions of others.  And it will always help you bounce back after a perceived failure, loss or missed opportunity.

So... if you'd like to be happier and more motivated, if you'd like to really love yourself and be proud of your achievements, and if you'd like to start reaching for goals that you thought were out of reach, try working on your confidence first.

2. Confident people aren't afraid to LOVE themselves

love yourself

Yes, this is true and no, we don’t mean in the narcissistic and egotistical way.

With more confidence, you will increase your ability to appreciate your efforts, acknowledge your achievements and make your personal happiness and well-being a priority.  

More confidence will ALWAYS make you feel better and will reduce the need for self-deprecation and negativity.  

And the truth is, the more confidence you have, the more you’ll believe in yourself and the more you will learn to love and embrace who you really are.

3. Confident people are aware of their own COMPETENCE

Confident people often know that, they may not know everything, but they can ALWAYS learn and continue to grow.  They also know how to conduct themselves in certain circumstances, and they’re often really skillful at knowing which behaviours are appropriate to different situations.

Having more confidence gives you the ability to determine where you stand at any given time and how to act when a challenging situation arises.

4. Confident people have a better UNDERSTANDING of themselves

Whilst it doesn’t only take confidence to be self-aware and in-tune with your emotions and capabilities, more confidence will always result in a greater enthusiasm for life.

Confident people are more willing to learn, grow and develop themselves and these qualities mean that they are also more likely to be successful and achieve their goals.  Of course, confidence won’t always guarantee success.  In fact, the confidence to move outside of your comfort zone and try something new, might often end in failure or disappointment.  BUT confident people truly understand that this is not only ok… it’s actually necessary for success.

5. Confident people are MOTIVATED and know what they want from life

Unfortunately, confidence does not negate fear, self-doubt or uncertainty.  Sadly, nothing does.  BUT confident people know that if they want something that is REALLY important to them, they’ll do whatever it takes to get it. 

They’re not afraid to keep trying and keep learning, regardless of any obstacles or roadblocks.  AND, most importantly, confident people always aim high and set goals for themselves, in order to make small but consistent steps towards achieving what they want.

So, there you have it… 5 GREAT reasons why more confidence can, and WILL, make your life better in SO many ways.

We all know that our confidence (or our lack of it) is often what stands in the way of us living our best life possible.  But what if we also knew and accepted that confidence, like any skill, can be learnt, practiced and mastered, to give us our best chance for success and happiness?

By working on your confidence, not only will you become happier, more positive and more self-expressed, but you’ll give yourself an unshakable foundation from which to build the life you’ve always dreamed of.

So… if you’d like to be happier and more motivated, if you’d like to really love yourself and be proud of your achievements, and if you’d like to start reaching for goals that you thought were out of reach, try working on your confidence first.  Then take a look around and watch as everything you’ve always wanted starts to fall in to place, because with more confidence… you really can achieve anything!

BE YOU!  We like her BEST!


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