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RiSe Women is a business dedicated to helping women build their confidence, stand tall and achieve by teaching them that confidence is not something that only ‘lucky’ people have – it’s accessible to everyone! The right information, practical techniques and the will to do (and be) more, is all you need.

So, think of us as your new (low maintenance) besties, the two mums at school that you actually like, your gym buddies or anyone who makes you feel comfortable enough to be your true self, but is also there to support and encourage you.

We’re invested in you, because your success is our success, and that can only lead to one thing… a whole bunch of happy, successful and confident women! YAY!

We’re the real deal because we’ll always be straight with you – we do bold, we do practical, we do real-lifeno BS and no sugar coating (though you will find plenty of shoes and coffee in amongst it all !)

We teach you the best possible ways to increase your confidence levels, grab your day by the metaphorical ‘you know whats’ and get exactly what you want out of your life!

We can’t wait to welcome you into our super-confident world, where you will find a new freedom to BE whoever you want to be!

BUT who are ‘WE’?

RiSe Women - Jodie Bruce-Clarke and Anastasia Adams
Image of Jodie Bruce-Clarke and Anastasia Adams, founders of RiSe Women

Hi, I'm Jodie!

…the founder (and one half) of RiSe Women and a confident woman!

“Are you a confident woman all the time?” I hear you ask.  Hell NO! But that’s why I’m here and it’s also the reason why RiSe Women was created.

Now let’s get this straight… I was not born with truckloads of confidence, I was not bestowed with a magical gift, nor did I have some super-human genetic code. My confidence is a result of many years worth of growth, learning, mistakes and practise.  It’s something I work on daily, using practical techniques that now, through RiSe Women, I can share with you.

Over the years, I’ve taught many clients and audiences the confidence techniques that I use to help them design their own personalised confidence programs that they use for life.

I’m an unapologetically-honest, red-obsessed, bold and bright, tell-it-like-it-is sort of woman and am outspoken on topics I truly believe in, especially the rights of women and children to live in safe, loving and healthy environments.

RiSe Women is my passion and I’d love to get to know you and help you build the confidence levels you’ve always wanted.

Jodie Bruce-Clarke of RiSe Women

– Advanced Habit Change Practitioner – Habit Change Institute Australia 
– Certified Coach – NeuroLeadership Institute
– Bachelor of Commerce – Marketing / Management Degree – Wollongong University

Hi, I'm Anastasia

Anastasia Adams of RiSe Women

…the other half of RiSe Women and another confident woman!

I’m a super-positive and high-energy, self-confessed spelling and grammar policewoman, with a legal background and the desire to do something ‘more’ in life.

Through RiSe Women, Jodie and I have connected with so many amazing women – teaching them the confidence techniques they need to know to live their best life possible.

And I know this works, because I’ve lived it first hand.

My life’s road has sometimes been bumpy – as it often is for all of us – but with the techniques I’ve learnt (and apply daily), I’ve been able to boost my confidence and change my life.

Can’t wait to work with you to build your confidence and rock your world!

'...we do bold, we do practical, we do real-life, no B.S. and no sugar coating...'

5 Fun Facts



She first put pen to paper on her book PUMPED in 2004 and had almost the exact picture of the book cover pinned up on her noticeboard as inspiration.

Jodie Bruce-Clarke of RiSe Women


Jodie lived in Scotland for 4 years when she was in her 20's. YES, it was seriously cold and the lowest temp she experienced was -24 degrees celsius!


Has to be #cavoodlepuppies - because they're cute & puppies make everyone happy. Inspired by their family cavoodle Evie - who is the cutest of them all.


Jodie has a few obsessions - anything RED, cheap silver jewellery, stationary (OMG she loves pencils) and is drawn to pretty much anything sparkly.


Her dream as a teenager was to be an actress in Broadway musicals - unfortunately however, she can't sing (like really can't sing!)

Come hang out with us!

We're really fun!

5 Fun Facts


Anastasia Adams of RiSe Women


She loves a superhero movie - Avengers, Marvel, you name it, she's there. Honestly, who doesn't enjoy a bit of Superman, Thor or Wonder Woman every once in a while!

Jodie Bruce-Clarke and Anastasia Adams of RiSe Women


Fundraising for worthwhile causes nourishes her soul. She loves organising fundraising events (or any type of event really) that gets people together and makes them happy.

Anastasia Adams of RiSe Women


She loves travelling with her children. Exploring new places and having exciting experiences with her kids ALWAYS makes her happy. Favourite to date is definitely the Greek Islands.

Anastasia Adams of RiSe Women


She does NOT like watermelon (or anything watermelon flavoured!) Most people can't understand this and she is challenged about it all the time. It's watermelon people, not puppies!

Anastasia Adams of RiSe Women


Shoes, shoes and more shoes. She can't get enough. Any colour, any style. She often says if she didn't have to feed her kids she'd turn her kitchen into a walk-in shoe cupboard.

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