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38. From Addiction and Despair to Strength & Confidence… with Angie Chaplin

38. From Addiction and Despair to Strength & Confidence… with Angie Chaplin

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If you’re looking for a story about courage and confidence through unbelievable adversity to inspire and amaze you, then this week’s episode is for you.

Angie Chaplin has had a rough run – through despair, addiction, the loss of her job, the death of a close friend and the end of her marriage, there’s not much about pain and suffering that Angie hasn’t recently experienced.

But her story is so much more than that!

Despite the chaos of all her experiences, in addition to moving to a new city, a health crisis, career changes and a failed suicide attempt, Angie prevailed – with a sense of strength and determination that is almost superhuman.

With an amazing achievement of 505 days sober at the time of this episode, Angie has learnt how to turn obstacles into opportunities, and is now the proud founder and owner of Mindful Leadership, an inspiring coaching and consulting practice.

She’s a speaker, a coach and an educator, and in this episode, Jodie and Angie have an eye-opening conversation about:

– self-awareness and why it’s key to managing isolation;

– how a loss of self can lead to a series of dangerous, destructive and unhealthy coping mechanisms;

– why your behaviours should always align with your values, how to achieve this and how forgiveness of yourself will always help you to move forward;

– how addiction was used to numb the pain and memories, but why it was a pointless exercise every time;

– why it actually took 5 hospitalisations, a week in intensive care and 2 options from a straight-talking doctor, to realise the absolute severity of the situation;

– the importance of intentionally and creatively looking for connections and positive influences when trying to heal or manage during challenging times;

– why you should never be afraid to admit that you’re stuck or overthinking, if you have the right people around you to turn to for feedback, help or guidance;

– how leadership exists at every level in life and why you don’t need to be a CEO to be a leader – ‘Leadership is everyday people making extraordinary things happen.’

– why preparation, self-awareness and surrounding yourself with the right people, are the key elements to maintaining high levels of confidence;

– why identifying, acknowledging and owning feelings of negative thinking and self-doubt, will always help you work through them, if you want to achieve;

Angie’s # 1 tip for how to recognise personal addiction and start on the journey towards healing and recovery.

“You can learn the lessons from the past, without getting stuck there.”

This really is a great conversation with insightful tips from a woman who’s seen it all and has emerged from the despair and darkness, in the most positive, self-aware and confident way. She’s taken back control of her life and turned it into something incredible and happy.

So, if lockdown or any other life-challenges are testing you at the moment and holding you back from living your best life possible, tune in to this episode and let Angie teach you about the healthy coping mechanisms which took her from addiction and despair…. to strength and confidence!

Connect with Angie:
    Website:  AngieChaplin.com
    LinkedIn:  @angiechaplin


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