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56. Building Business, Backing Yourself & Taking a Single, Imperfect Step – with Niccii Kugler

56. Building Business, Backing Yourself & Taking a Single, Imperfect Step – with Niccii Kugler

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Join Jodie as she interviews the incredible Niccii Kugler – founder of Nash & Banks, a curated online platform and flagship Sydney store, which helps people discover ethical brands and sustainable solutions.

During this insightful conversation, you’ll learn:

– how change for the better begins with one single imperfect step in the right direction, that we can all take;

– how starting her own business was a natural progression for Niccii and why this particular path appealed to her;

– why ownership and accountability are key to developing your confidence and achieving personal growth and development;

– why it’s so important for us to model confidence for our children, but also, why it’s equally important to learn from them every day;

– how her business was born from a time when Niccii was feeling isolated and a bit lost, and how her husband’s insights and encouragement turned it all around;

– where Niccii’s inspiration came from, what ignited her passion, and the driving force behind Nash & Banks;

– how Niccii faces challenges, surrounds herself with trusted advisors and gathers a wide range of perspectives to be able to pivot whenever she comes up against obstacles in business;

– about bold moves, the foundations that lay beneath them and the value of ‘educated guesses’;

– why launching your business when it’s ‘ready’… is too late, and why getting yourself motivated to launch when it’s ‘good enough’ is the way to go;

– the real reason behind the need for the Nash & Banks flagship store in Sydney, which evolved from stalls at the markets, to a bricks & mortar store… during the lockdown;

– all about the movement that Niccii supports and why she believes that many people doing something imperfectly, is SO much better than a few people doing something perfectly, especially when it comes to living ethically and sustainably;

why a little bit of fear in business is a good thing, and why the things that you’re afraid of, are the very things that will help your business grow.

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Both Niccii and her business are both an inspiration and something that the world really needs right now, so we KNOW you’ll love this episode and all of the nuggets of wisdom that come out of her conversation with Jodie.


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