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speaking up at work

66. Why you’re not speaking up in meetings and what to do about it

So many women find speaking up at work a challenge and it’s generally to do with their confidence. In this episode, we discuss why you’re not speaking up at work and what to do about it.

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Best of 2022

65. Celebrating the BEST of 2022

The BEST of 2022 episode will be one you will listen to over and over again! It includes all the highlights from our interviews this year and an inspirational compilation of the answers to our Rise Women power questions.

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64. How to Accelerate Your Career and Your Confidence – with Brenda Wensil & Kathryn Heath

Learn valuable tips to accelerate your career and your confidence from Executive Coaches Brenda Wensil & Kathryn Heath.

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Hormones and confidence

63. Health, Hormones & Confidence – with Rebecca Warren

What is the link between hormones and confidence? We interview super-smart Rebecca Warren who gives us an eye-opening explanation on hormones, how we can manage them and how they relate to confidence.

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Confidently manage stress podcast episode

62. 3 Powerful Steps to Confidently Manage Stress and Break Bad Habits

Join Jodie & Anastasia as they discuss how to confidently manage stress and break bad habits to get your life back on track when you’re feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and just overall ‘busy’!

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61. Confidence, Adventure and Life as a Global Nomad – with Robyn Flemming

Join Anastasia as she interviews the inspiring and adventurous Robyn Flemming, the author of ‘Skinful: a Memoir of Addiction’ and a global nomad. Robyn’s raw self-awareness, unique perspectives and authentic stories will transport you to a world filled with adventure, struggle and self-discovery.

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confident body image

60. Evict Your Mean Girl and Love Your Body – with Lizzy Cangro

Jodie interviews Lizzy Cangro – a nutritionist & wellness expert – about the rebellious acts needed to achieve unconditional self-love, enhanced body image and an inevitable increase in confidence.

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Turning 50 Life Lessons

59. Turning 50, Life Lessons & What I Know So Far – with Jodie Bruce-Clarke

Join Anastasia as she interviews Jodie, Rise Women’s founder, on turning 50 and what she’s learnt so far. It’s a conversation that gives clear, honest and amazing insights into the reality of hitting this milestone.

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parenting with confidence

58. Parenting with CONFIDENCE and Raising Confident Kids – with Psychologist Clare Rowe

Anastasia and Clare discuss parenting with confidence, especially after a family break-up, and how to raise confident kids. This episode is informative, insightful, inspiring and even a bit emotional at times.

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reclaim your confidence

57. Reclaim Your Confidence now that He’s Gone – with Lorna Hollinger

Jodie & Lorna discuss the healing process after a relationship breakdown and how to reclaim your confidence! This episode is jam-packed with so much wisdom, laughs and positivity.

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