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Secrets of Confident Women Podcast Best of 2021

46. Celebrating the BEST of 2021!

Yay! We’ve made it through another year of the RiSe Women Secrets of Confident Women podcast, and what an INCREDIBLE year it’s been! Every guest on our podcast brought something amazing to our lives and we’re SO happy to share the BEST and most insightful moments with you in our 2021 Wrap-Up episode.

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45. Harness Your Inner CEO to be Happy AND Successful!… with Becca Powers

If you are feeling overwhelmed, overstressed, undervalued and unappreciated, then THIS episode is definitely for YOU! Becca Powers, author of the new book ‘Harness Your Inner CEO’ shares with us why you shouldn’t have to choose between success and happiness!

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44. How Empowered Women can Empower Women and Change the World!… with Jane Finette

This is such a wonderful topic and also, such an important conversation to be having because the truth is… AND the stats show… that when women empower women, EVERYONE wins! Jodie and Jane have a powerful conversation about female empowerment, gender equality and positive progress.

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Renie Cavallari HeadTrash

43. Dump your HeadTrash and Live Your Full Potential… with Renie Cavallari

In this episode we discuss something that we ALL struggle with (yes, YOU too!) – that incessant, taunting and destructive internal negative voice, or as Renie calls it – our Head Trash!

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Tell Her She Can't - Kelly Lewis

42. How to Achieve When You’re Told You Can’t… with Kelly Lewis

An inspiring episode with Kelly Lewis, author of ‘Tell Her She Can’t’! We learn about the book, how the negativity from her childhood forced her to be resilient, defiant and strong… and how to overcome the Nay-sayers.

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Lauren Yeates

41. From Super Shy to Super Confident! with Lauren Yeates

Lauren Yeates interviews celebrities but that wasn’t always her destiny. We discuss the tools she used to turn her extreme shyness into confidence!

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manage comparison syndrome

40. Why You Absolutely Must Manage Your Comparison Syndrome!

Jodie & Anastasia have an honest, open and insightful conversation about what Comparison Syndrome looks like and what you can do to stop it.

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Casey Beros

39. Making mistakes and ALWAYS having your own back… with health journalist, Casey Beros

Casey Beros is a health journalist and the author of a fabulous new book that’s all about making mistakes, getting over your mistakes and being your own biggest fan! Funny, insightful and raw, this episode is like having a great chat with your BFF.

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addiction to confidence

38. From Addiction and Despair to Strength & Confidence… with Angie Chaplin

Angie’s story will inspire and amaze you! She talks to us about her journey from addiction, loss and unbelievable adversity to strength, confidence and the courage to rebuild her life.

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Heather Miller - The Kindness Hub

37. Confidence, Kindness & Empowering our Youth… with Heather Miller

Heather Miller is an incredibly inspiring and vibrant young woman. From starting the Kindness Hub with her pocket money, she has now impacted over 10,000 young people in 20 different countries with her youth programs.

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