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Best of 2020

25. Celebrating The Best of 2020!

Filled with amazing insights, inspiring quotes and all of the BEST moments of the Secrets of Confident Women podcast, this episode is not to be missed. It really is the BEST greatest hits compilation you’ll ever listen to and you’ll play it over and over again!

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Confidence in presenting Shelly Horton

24. Techniques for Killer Confidence in your Next Presentation – with Shelly Horton

We interview celebrity journalist – Shelly Horton – who teaches us incredible tips and tricks for maintaining confidence in our presentations. This episode is SO much fun and full of insights to help us overcome the fear of standing in front of an audience!

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confident teenage girls marina passalaris

23. Helping Your Teenage Girl become the Confident Woman she’s meant to be! – with Marina Passalaris

Marina is an expert at working with young people through her business, Beautiful Minds. She talks to us about how we, as mothers, can support our daughters to become confident teenage girls.

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22. Change your life and build your confidence using fitness goals – with Melanie Warman

Did you know running can help with your confidence? Jodie speaks to Melanie Warman, Lululemon ambassador and the founder of Boobs on the Run.
Connection, Community and Confidence are her driving principles and Melanie has given so many women the opportunity to build their confidence and achieve their goals.

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Confidence through Personal Styling

21. Building Confidence through Personal Style – with Stylist, Hayley Cooper

We interview Hayley Cooper – personal fashion stylist and confident woman who loves helping both men and women develop their personal style, boost their confidence and shop smartly.

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Confidence to Transfor your life

20. Creating the confidence to completely transform your life – with Kerin Jarvis

Today we meet Kerin Jarvis – a woman who had a total life transformation, with focus on her mental and physical health and wellbeing.

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19. Creating the Confidence to pursue your Ultimate Dream Job – with Zoe Sabados

This week’s amazing interview is for any woman who’s ever had a dream or a goal that they’ve always wanted to achieve, but didn’t know how.

Join Anastasia this week as she interviews the ever-inspiring, always engaging and super-fun Zoe Sabados.

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stay motivated and on track with your goals

18. 4 Ways to Stay Motivated and on Track with Your Goals.

We all have the best intentions when we start working towards a goal and then, in the blink of an eye, our motivation can be gone. In this episode, we discuss 4 important techniques you should use when working towards any goal (regardless of the size) to ensure your success.

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Fay Calderone

17. Confidence to Navigate Career Challenges and Workplace Success – with Fay Calderone

Anastasia interviews Fay Calderone – a tireless advocate for women in the workplace, tackling issues like bullying, harassment, gender equality and flexible working conditions.

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rebuilding confidence

16. Rebuilding Confidence after a marriage breakdown and other life challenges – with Wendy Pettifer

Fun, inspiring and insightful episode with Wendy Pettifer – a qualified psychotherapist, author of the blog “How to be Me Again”

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