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Paralympian Ellie Cole

34. Confidence, Resilience & what it takes to win Gold – with Paralympian Ellie Cole

From adversity to winning Gold, Paralymian Ellie Cole talks confidence techniques, imposter syndrome, goal setting and how she managed crippling self-doubt and negative thoughts. One of the most imspirational episodes we have ever done!

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broken to bold

33. Broken to Bold – from a failed marriage to a life she loves- with Jen Bowers

This episode is for anyone who’s been through a break-up, a break-down or a difficult time, and who wants to hear first-hand confidence techniques from a woman who intentionally and powerfully turned her life around.

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confidence in interviews

32. The Confidence to Nail Your Next Interview with Michelle Rubinstein

Whether you’re just starting your work-life after completing your studies, changing careers, or getting back into the workforce after a break, these tips will put you in the best possible position to excel in your next interview and project your most confident self.

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living and authentic life

31. Confidence, Courage and Living an Authentic Life with Sheila V

Sheila V is an executive coach, a medium and a spiritual leader, who shares her incredibly inspiring story of transition and transformation from the corporate world to living her authentic life.

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Imposter syndrome

30. How to STOP Imposter Syndrome from Ruining Your Career!

Imposter syndrome can ruin your career, if you let it! In this episode, we talk about what it is, why it’s totally normal that you have it and what you can do to manage it once and for all.

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confidence to be brave

29. Creating the Confidence to be BRAVE! – with Rose Oakley

Rose Oakley is a vibrant and passionate young woman who’s mastered the art of creating the confidence to be brave so she could make really impressive life changes.

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Dr Gina Cleo

28. Change Your Habits to Change Your Confidence – with Dr Gina Cleo

We interview Dr Cleo has a PhD in Habit Change. This episode is on a topic that affects us ALL – how to change habits for more confidence!

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network with confidence

27. How to Network with Confidence! – with Janine Garner

We interview Janine Garner – best-selling author and global expert on networking, collaboration and leadership connection on how to network with confidence!

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5 best confidence tips

26. 5 Best Confidence Building Techniques for 2021!

Are you ready to get stuck into 2021 with motivation, positive energy and some kick-@ss goals? Want fool-proof strategies and killer confidence techniques to bring it all together and get exactly what you want this year? Then listen to THIS episode!

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Best of 2020

25. Celebrating The Best of 2020!

Filled with amazing insights, inspiring quotes and all of the BEST moments of the Secrets of Confident Women podcast, this episode is not to be missed. It really is the BEST greatest hits compilation you’ll ever listen to and you’ll play it over and over again!

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