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Fay Calderone

17. Confidence to Navigate Career Challenges and Workplace Success – with Fay Calderone

Anastasia interviews Fay Calderone – a tireless advocate for women in the workplace, tackling issues like bullying, harassment, gender equality and flexible working conditions.

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rebuilding confidence

16. Rebuilding Confidence after a marriage breakdown and other life challenges – with Wendy Pettifer

fun, inspiring and insightful episode with Wendy Pettifer – a qualified psychotherapist, author of the blog “How to be Me Again”

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confident woman in male-dominated industry

15. Being a Kick@ss Confident Young Woman in a Male-dominated Industry – with Spiroula Stathakis

This episode explores the confidence techniques necessary to be a woman in a male-dominated industry, the gender pay-gap and insights for young women starting out in their careers.

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14. Must-have Techniques to Confidently Talk to Strangers!

This episode is filled with great techniques and game-changing insights that will help you meaningfully connect with new people, network like a pro and move from ‘panic-mode’ to ‘I’ve-got-this-mode’ instantly.

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13. Mastering Confidence to Excel in a Direct Sales Business – with Katrina Bates

This week we interview Katrina Bates – a direct sales powerhouse and a super-confident woman. This episode is great for any woman who runs her own direct sales business.

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Tapping to build confidence

12. Using the Power of EFT (Tapping) to Build Your Confidence – with Lorna Hollinger

We interview Lorna Hollinger, an award winning Master EFT (Tapping) Practitioner who teaches us all about this instantly accessible and easily actioned technique that you can start using today!

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Confidence Tips from Raquel Bosustow

11. Confidence Tips from a Small Business Powerhouse – with Raquel Bosustow

We interview the inspiring, funny and super-positive Raquel Bosustow – a wife, mum of 3 and savvy business owner about how to stay confident when running a small business.

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Accept who you are

10. Ditch the Guilt and Accept Who You Are!

We’re constantly being told we should love ourselves JUST the way we are but the truth is, more often than not, we are our own worst critics. Here we discuss why it’s crucial that you eliminate guilt and accept who you really are.

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Secrets of Confident Women Podcast - Episode 9

09. How a New Perspective on Confidence Changed My Life

We interview the other half of RiSe Women – Anastasia Adams. Find out what makes her feel most confident, her favourite go-to confidence techniques and why she wanted to be a part of RiSe Women!

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Confident Women love facing fear

08. Why Confident Women Love Facing Fear!

Everything you ever wanted to do… but DIDN’T… is because of fear?! In this week’s podcast, we’re chatting about why fear is good, why fear is necessary and why confident women LOVE facing fear!

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