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confidently choose your cheer squad

05. How to Confidently Choose Your Cheer Squad

In this episode, we discuss the value of having your own personal cheer squad and what you can do to confidently choose yours because surrounding yourself with the right people is one of the BEST ways to boost your confidence.

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04. The CONFIDENCE to Powerfully Say NO!

In this episode, we’ll teach you how to powerfully and confidently say NO with game-changing tips on how to rethink the way you value your time and energy.

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03. How to STOP Negative Thoughts from Ruining Your Life!

Everyone has the negative voice in their head. Successful people just know how to manage it.

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truth about confidence

02. Uncovering the truth about Confidence?

‘A warrior does not prepare for battle on the battlefield’ – and this also applies to confidence. In this early episode, we go through why confidence is SUCH an important skill to have in life and we’ll uncover some of the most common myths about confidence.

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Secrets of Confident Women Podcast

01. Welcome to the Secrets of Confident Women Podcast!

Jodie & Anastasia welcome you to their new podcast, explain what the podcast is all about plus, share their personal go-to confidence tips!

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