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22. Change your life and build your confidence using fitness goals – with Melanie Warman

22. Change your life and build your confidence using fitness goals – with Melanie Warman

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Did you know that increasing your skills with regards to running, can help you with your confidence?

Join us on this week’s episode where Jodie speaks to Melanie Warman – a Lululemon ambassador and the founder of Boobs on the Run, an organisation which started from a shout-out on a Mum’s Facebook group and has grown to having over 3,000 women join their community and go through their programs.

Connection, Community and Confidence are her driving principles and Melanie has given so many women the opportunity to build their confidence and achieve their goals.

In this inspiring episode, find out:

– the type of holistic approach Melanie takes when it comes to the women in her community;

– how she uses the power of connection to build her own confidence;

– why trusting her instincts has helped her to understand what her body and mind are capable of, and how that awareness can increase your confidence;

– how a 10 week fitness program can completely transform your mindset, through accountability and connectedness;

– how using the techniques learnt for running, can help you improve your family relationships, counter-act your work stress, combat imposter syndrome and create an overall sense of life-fulfillment.

Power poses, positive mantras, acknowledging your inner mean girl, power songs, getting into action, accountability, support and encouragement – it’s ALL here in this week’s episode!

Motivated by her passion and empowered by the diverse and amazing women she connects with, Melanie has created an awesome community that helps women do SO much more than just learning to run.

So, if you’re needing a bit of a confidence boost to drive your motivation as 2020 starts to wind up, we KNOW this conversation will leave you feeling invigorated and empowered.

Melanie’s Business Tags
Website – https://www.boobsontherun.com.au/
Insta – @boobsontherun
FB – @boobsontherunsydney



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