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Thank you SO much for taking the time to send me a testimonial.
It really makes a difference for other women to read about your experience to get an idea of what coaching with me is like and to see for themselves, what they might be able to achieve if they completed some coaching.

It's been my pleasure working with you!
Thanks again!

We'd LOVE you to write a short statement / a few paragraphs about working with Jodie.
(You could include things such as - what you got out of the coaching,  how it increased your confidence and any insights you had along the way.)

If you need ideas, go to our coaching page here to see what others have written. 

Can we use your name on the review above? 

We would love to include a photo of you to accompany the testimonial (Go on!  You know I think you're gorgeous!)This gives it credibility that you are a real person.  If you would be happy for me to include a picture, please send one to jodie@risewomen.com

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