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61. Confidence, Adventure and Life as a Global Nomad – with Robyn Flemming

61. Confidence, Adventure and Life as a Global Nomad – with Robyn Flemming

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Join Anastasia as she interviews the inspiring and adventurous Robyn Flemming – a self-employed freelance editor, the author of ‘Skinful: a memoir of addiction’ and a global nomad.

In this eye-opening conversation, Anastasia and Robyn discuss:

– Robyn’s different types of addictions, how they have manifested positively and negatively in her life and how they have driven her constant need for travel;

– how Robyn’s private hell of alcohol addiction impacted her confidence throughout her life and dictated the decisions she made on a daily basis;

– how moments of raw self-awareness brought Robyn to critical turning points in her life and where those moments led her;

– the ability to visualise something different from where you are, and how to take responsibility for the processes to get you to where you want to be;

– how Robyn took the initial rejection of her book as an indication that she wasn’t communicating clearly enough, and how this shaped her incredible book;

– why a regular swat-analysis of your life is critical to reassess your situation, shift your perspective and pivot your direction as needed;

– Robyn’s description of how running a marathon is the perfect analogy for life and the intentional choices required to live the life you want;

– how intentional engagement, quality connections and a common purpose will always enrich the relationships in your life;

Robyn’s experience on the Kokoda Trail and how she repeatedly set herself incredibly challenging goals, in an attempt to moderate her drinking;

– why perspective and regular reality checks will get you through challenging moments and help you regain the confidence and self-belief you need to keep going.

This interview will give you an incredible insight into a life that most of us will never get to experience. 

Robyn’s raw self-awareness, unique perspectives and authentic stories will transport you to a world filled with exciting adventures, trying challenges and life-long self-discovery.

Connect with Robyn
Website – Robyn Flemming



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