Kickstarter Confidence Coaching

Are you on the verge of starting (or working on) something amazing but having trouble getting it off the ground? Or do you feel as though you’ve hit a roadblock or an obstacle in your work or personal life, that you just can’t seem to get past on your own?

If so, then our Kickstarter Confidence Coaching is exactly what you need because it does just that – it’s designed to give you the kickstart you need to get the ball rolling.

Just as an elite athlete needs a coach to keep them on track, help them set goals and consistently work towards achieving them, so too will our Kickstarter Coaching Program give you the clarity, guidance and support that you need to smash your goals. We’re invested in your success and want to see you win at whatever you choose to do and we know that Confidence Coaching can change your life in so many ways so, what are you waiting for… let’s get (kick)started today!!!

What you need to know…

In this program, you’ll be encouraged to set some short term goals that you’ve had a bit of trouble getting over the line. Enter me (Jodie Bruce-Clarke) and, before you know it, I’ll have you accomplishing, achieving and just overall winning!

Why work with a coach?

As your coach, I will keep you accountable to really work hard and focus on yourself for the duration of the coaching. I’ll stretch you, push you and show you that the limits you have set for yourself are really NOT your limits.

I will help you deal with fear and assist you to move you out of your comfort zone and into a place of increased confidence and self expression. And I’ll champion you to achieve what you set out to achieve by helping you see new perspectives and teaching you the tips, tricks and techniques you will need to sustain your new-found confidence and lifestyle.

Here’s what you can expect:Jodie Bruce-Clarke Rise Women

  • 6 coaching sessions (1st session is 90 mins then 5 x 1 hour sessions), either weekly or fortnightly, with Jodie Bruce-Clarke – an experienced coach and confidence expert;
  • Sessions can be conducted by phone or Skype;
  • The Kickstarter Program is $660 (payment plans are available upon application).
  • All clients will receive our RiSe Women Personalised Confidence Coaching Kit, complete with activities, guides, session sheets and inspiration – absolutely everything you’ll need to get the most out of your coaching.

Who is the Kickstarter Program for?

The Kickstarter Program is for women who want to get their butt into gear fast! It’s for women who know they have a job to do and just need a bit of help in getting some clarity, focus and motivation. And it’s for women who don’t want to commit to a long term coaching program but who understand the value of confidence coaching and how it really can turn your life around.

If you think our Kickstarter Program is just what you’ve been looking for, then Click Here to get in touch with me to find out how I can help you boost your confidence and get you the results you want FAST.

A SHORT NOTE ON WHO THIS PROGRAM IS NOT FOR – Sorry ladies but as much as I love being a confidence coach, I am not a counsellor, a psychologist or a doctor of any kind. I’m great with helping women who need a confidence boost but there are some things that I’m just not equipped to deal with (like mental health issues, physical ailments, psychological concerns, anxiety, depression, etc).


Jodie is an organiser, motivator, coach, cheerleader and wealth of knowledge wrapped up in a gorgeous, tall woman wearing red shoes! I was ready to go into a business (or several) and really branch out on my own but had no idea which one of my interests I should follow.

Jodie was pivotal in assisting me to gain clarity around that and then map out the steps with me, as they evolved, each week, until my business launch. Jodie is hands on, full of techniques to assist with the weekly struggles of launching a business and perfectly capable of pulling you into line (in a nice way) when needed. There were times where I thought, this is all just too hard and could have walked away but after a meeting with Jodie, I was back on track, guns blazing, feeling organised and energised.

I can’t recommend Jodie highly enough! My business has taken off and I am moving into new and exciting business ventures. I can’t wait for my next catch up!

Natalia Michaels – Coaching Client

“Over a couple of months I went from being unable to even think about how to make some career decisions, to being so energised I wouldn’t say die. Working with Jodie got me from undecided but wanting change, to get out of my way I am ready to go.

Melinda – Coaching Client


“Change is hard, but not as suffocating as stagnation. Jodie was my mirror when I truly needed one.
She was my strength when my own was lost.  She gave me hope when I lost my way.  My life today is richer than it has ever been.  It took me a while to investing myself, but working with Jodie to achieve my goals was more valuable than I ever imagined possible.

Margaret – Coaching Client