Mindset Reset Sessions…

are a fantastically quick way to touch base with your own personal cheerleader!!! They’ll help you boost your motivation, take action and stay accountable when it matters most.

Mindset Reset sessions are a personalised, one-on-one, 60 minute connection to help you get your head straight and put you back on track. They’ll also help you silence that annoying little voice and support you to get on with it!


What you need to know…

Mindset Reset Sessions are $95 per hour, can be booked as needed, can usually be arranged within a 24 hour period and must be paid for at the time of booking.

Who these sessions are for…

These sessions are ideal for women who need a bit of help with their direction, focus and motivation. They work for women who often start things but never get to finish them because ‘life’ just happens to get in the way.

Mindset Reset sessions are perfect for women who need a bit of a kick up the backside every once in a while, to get them into gear. And they’re great for women who need help with setting a goal or creating an action plan (and sticking to it)!

A SHORT NOTE ON WHO THIS PROGRAM IS NOT FOR – Sorry ladies but as much as I love being a confidence coach, I am not a counsellor, a psychologist or a doctor of any kind. I’m great with helping women who need a confidence boost but there are some things that I’m just not equipped to deal with (like mental health issues, physical ailments, psychological concerns, anxiety, depression, etc).


What do you need to do to be prepared for a Mindset Reset session?

To make the absolute best of our time together, I will send you a quick questionnaire before our session so you can fill me in on what’s happening.  Then, our 1 hour together is totally focused on achieving the outcome you want from the session.

How to book a Mindset Reset Session!

You’ve got everything you need to get started, so Click Here to purchase your Mindset Reset Session today and then I’ll be in touch to arrange a time.


“The mindset session with Jodie really helped me to look at the language that I use in my head everyday and how it is really unhelpful in helping me to achieve where I want to go.
After our session I have started to use different language and some of the awesome little tricks she showed me and am feeling much better about the track I am on and am much more focused.”

Amelia Parkinson – Mindset Reset Client

“I had my Mindset Reset Session with Jodie and it was very helpful to get myself re-organised and focused on what I needed to do to get my job done. She gave valuable feedback and as an objective person was able to look at the bigger picture and give insight on what was happening.”

Susana Heiskanen – Mindset Reset Client
Co-Founder and CEO Tuutu.com.au

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Always amazed at how a 1 hour session with you can change my whole outlook. Never again will I spend any length of time in that negative headspace now I know I can book in with you and have an awesome 1 hour of power!”

Anne – Mindset Reset Client

“Just wanted to let you know what a difference our Mindset session made to me this week. Your feedback, insight and energy has renewed my view on the whole situation and I now feel ready to keep going. Thank you so much Jodie.”

Emily – Mindset Reset Client