Are you sick of fear and self-doubt holding you back?
Are you tired of caring what other people think?
Is your low self-esteem getting in the way of the life you want?

Then you’re EXACTLY where you need to be and this is the online confidence course for you!



Watch 4 hours of fun, engaging and inspirational videos filled with game-changing insights.

Skyrocket your self-esteem using our top 15 practical techniques.

All you need to embed your learning, take action and fast-track your progress.

It’s all about your success so you have direct access to us for encouragement and support.

Connect with the amazing women in our exclusive, participant-only Facebook group.

You have access to all audio files so you can listen on the go.



Building your self-confidence is an on-going process so the Hub is where you’ll be able to continue your online journey with more technique videos and extra resources.

Confidence for Women in the Workplace

This course really is the ‘Ultimate’ online confidence course so you’ll also have access to all the audio lessons from our Workplace course.  Use these to take your career or business to the next level!



Life changes and so will your self confidence …  which is why you’ll have the support and resources to be able to stand strong whenever you reach a new life stage or when life throws you a curve-ball.

As long as you’re with RiSe Women, we’ve always got your back!

This IS the ULTIMATE Confidence Course for Women!

This online course has EVERYTHING you’ll ever need to sky-rocket your confidence and give you the unfair advantage in life.







~ PLUS ~

Confidence Hub


13 bonus practical confidence techniques, covering topics like:


Ready to sky-rocket your confidence?


This is not a competition or a race… it’s a life change, and this online confidence course gives you the flexibility to LEARN AS YOU LIVE.

We get it!! We’re both working mums, business owners, taxi drivers for the kids, chef, cleaner and anything else to do with the daily life juggle.

It’s important to us that you get everything you want out of this confidence course and that’s why you have access to the course for life, so you really can work at your own pace!


You don’t have to do this alone!

Surrounding yourself with inspiring, positive and motivating women who understand you and are truly happy to see you succeed, is one of the best ways to boost your confidence.

That’s why we’ve designed this confidence course to include both personal support and access to an amazing community of women.

Here's a taste of what the Course is like.

Confidence and belief in yourself are the most important life lessons you can master!

Hi! I'm Jodie

I’m so glad you’re here because, helping women increase their confidence is what I love to do.   I am passionate about the development of people and  helping others make positive changes and this course is one of my greatest achievements!

I’ve been coaching women for over 20 years and have presented dozens of workshops and keynotes to hundreds of women.  My message is always the same… that confidence is a skill that can be learnt, practised and mastered and EVERY woman can learn this skill using my proven, relevant and practical techniques.

I realised that the best way to get my message out to as many women as possible, was to create an online video course – and so, The Ultimate Confidence Course for Women was born!

Through RiSe Women, Anastasia and I are committed to helping as many women as possible increase their confidence and make lasting changes because we know that… with confidence, anything is possible!

What our participants are saying!

julie course participant


'The Ultimate Confidence Course for Women has become my best course decision. It’s no nonsense and entertaining videos are professional quality followed by actions to take that really make the learning part of life and have taken me on a journey that I will continue. I have got more clarity and confidence in my life than I ever thought possible and had so many ah ha moments that will stay with me. One of the biggest ah ha moments for me was realising confidence goes up and down all the time , we don’t just put in the work and become confident, like physical fitness it needs to be maintained.'

Amelia confidence coaching client


'Inspiring, practical and challenging in the best possible way!! Fabulous confidence course and a wonderful group of women to continue on the journey of creating a more confident life. Thank you Jodie and Anastasia!!'



'I'm really pumped. I've now finished the first 3 modules and it's so engaging and professional. I've learnt so much and it is already having a big impact on my life. I wish all training videos were this vibrant and well put together."


"This course was nothing short of amazing. The key messaging in every module was mind blowing. I now have the knowledge and validation I need to change my mindset to ensure I am a confident woman. Thank you Jodie! Your course has changed my outlook on life.


"I honestly would not have had the courage to leave my job in a leap of faith and try to improve my life were it not for this confidence course. The modules on fear and self-doubt forced me to face what was holding me back. Feeling great about what I've achieved!"


"I found this course beyond worth the $$$ investment. I enjoyed the format and the way it was presented, I enjoyed being able to print off worksheets. Jodie was generous in her sharing of knowledge and experience. She really listened and had a great understanding and empathy during our first coaching session. The Facebook group in my opinion is very much a safe space and a positive environment. If anyone is considering doing this confidence course, I recommend it.


"This confidence course showed me how to manage fear and self-doubt AND, most importantly, it taught me that I matter, and that the world really DOES need to hear what I have to say. I find that I speak up for myself now and that’s changed my life in SO many ways. So excited about what’s to come!"


"The private group is my new favourite place to be. It's a comforting reminder that “me too’s” in this group means we are not alone with our goals. Here’s to rising together!"

Katie M.

"I never really thought about how a change in my confidence levels would actually change my life. I always thought that life was just like that and there were other things in the way. But all I really needed to do was increase my confidence. And I’m SO glad I did!"


"I am continually blown away by this confidence course and by the both of you. I am developing my confidence and becoming braver as I face my fears."


"It's empowering because the fear arises and then I have Jodie's voice in my head saying to move through it, and I can!"


"I've been waiting for this confidence course since you first announced  it and it definitely hasn't disappointed!  Loving it!"


"Just watched the first two videos and they are amazing. Can't wait to see more."


"Definitely life changing. Thank you for the work you and Anastasia have put in to create this course."


"Loving every minute of it! The videos on Understanding Fear have made a real impact on me."


"Increasing my confidence has made a HUGE impact to my business. I wanted to increase my confidence in networking but it has flowed over to more confidence in my pricing and my communication with clients."


"This is exactly what I needed to go back to work... I needed to increase my confidence because I felt like I wasn’t quite ready to get back into the workforce after being a stay-at-home mum for 6 years, but this course changed EVERYTHING. I learnt how to overcome my fears and stop the negative self-talk and doubt."


Video Testimonial
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This course is PERFECT if you're a...



$ AUD 597 Approx. USD$375
  • 24 Course Videos with over 4 hours of content
  • 15 proven and actionable confidence techniques
  • Course Actions, PDF's, Worksheets and Audio Files
  • Full access to the Confidence Hub with 10+ more techniques and additional confidence resources
  • 8 Workplace specific confidence building techniques
  • Personal Support from Jodie & Anastasia
  • Private Members ONLY Facebook Group
  • Lifetime Course Access
  • Ongoing course updates


$ AUD 650 Approx. USD$445
  • 24 Course Videos with over 4 hours of content
  • 15 proven and actionable confidence techniques
  • Course Actions, PDF's, Worksheets and Audio Files
  • Full access to the Confidence Hub with 10+ more techniques and additional confidence resources
  • 8 Workplace specific confidence building techniques
  • Personal Support from Jodie & Anastasia
  • Private Members ONLY Facebook Group
  • Lifetime Course Access
  • Ongoing course updates
  • PLUS - 2 x 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Jodie

Main pricing in Australian Dollars. USD is estimate.

Your Questions Answered

  • You believe that your lack of confidence might be in the way of living your BEST LIFE POSSIBLE!
  • You’ve made a decision to increase your confidence and change your life… starting TODAY!
  • You’re ready to take your career or business to the next level.
  • You realise that even the slightest change in your confidence levels can have an amazingly positive ripple-effect into every area of your life, and into the lives of the people you love the most.
  • You love absorbing knowledge, theory and information, but also enjoy the interactive side of learning, by putting your theory into practise.
  • You are committed to your own personal development and success and are determined with a ‘never-give-up’ attitude.
  • You love to be surrounded and inspired by an amazing community of encouraging and positive women.
  • You love the flexibility of being able to learn at your own pace, whether alone in a quiet place, or on the go.
  • You want the unfair advantage in life and you KNOW that more confidence will give it to you.

You think you may need the type of professional help and support that we’re not really qualified to give you (eg. counselling, psychological support or medical treatment for things like anxiety, depression, physical ailments, mental health issues, etc)

All our prices are quoted in Australian dollars.  You can follow this link to the Google Currency Converter so you can get an estimate of the price in your currency.  All payments are processed through Stripe. 

As an alternative, we can provide you with a PayPal invoice in your currency upon request. Just contact us
Company paying?  We can also make out the invoice to your employer.  Just contact us

If you’re not on Facebook then you will still receive support.  Within the course you are given a direct email address to get help or support on your actions and/or ask any questions.

There will however, be an awesome community of like-minded, confidence building women within the private Facebook Group so we would really encourage you to be a part of it for extra learning, support and inspiration!

We promise to personally support you to make sure you succeed and get exactly what you want out of this course.

Just think of us as your personal cheer squad, ready and willing to encourage you when you’re feeling overwhelmed, guide you if you need some direction and get you back on track if you find yourself getting a little distracted from your personal confidence goal.

You can contact us at any time during the course, by emailing us directly, or get in touch with us through the private Facebook Group.

No way!  We work with clients in various countries so we love that we speak with women all over the world!

The access is the same plus, if you purchase the Course + Coaching package, Jodie makes times available to suit many different time zones, so you’ll always be able to connect.

No, the Confidence Hub is actually the second part of the Ultimate Confidence Course for Women and you automatically have access to it when you join this course.

Once you’ve learnt everything you need to know in the Foundational videos, the Confidence Hub is where you can go, whenever you need a confidence boost, to keep learning and growing.

It’ll be filled with more practical confidence technique videos, links, resources, things to read and basically anything we can think of that will keep you focused on your ultimate goal – to increase your confidence and change your life.

In our Confidence for Women in the Workplace course, we have additional audio lessons that have been designed to help you with workplace specific confidence building techniques. 

Because this is the Ultimate Confidence course, they have been included in here so you have everything you’ll ever need.

They’re audio files that you can either listen to within the course or conveniently access on your phone or tablet using the Soundwise App.

You can access the course and everything inside it, including the Confidence Hub, for as long and as often as you like because you have access FOR LIFE.

Increasing your confidence IS a life-style change, so we want you to have the support and resources to be able to roll with the punches whenever life throws you a curve-ball.

Yes you can! We have made sure that the course platform is responsive, so you can access it and watch the videos on a desktop, a tablet or on your phone.

And if watching videos isn’t your thing, we’ve also provided you with the audio files for the 24 Foundational Course videos and the Workplace specific audio lessons, so you can listen to the content when you’re on the go.

Listening to the audio files is also a great way to embed the information again, whenever you need a refresher.

Just as a healthy diet is used to supplement an exercise regime to get the best results, so too does your confidence journey need more than just information.

But don’t worry, there’s no homework, assignments or tests in this course… just really fun and practical confidence techniques, that sometimes come with actions, to help you practise what you’ve learnt and become the confident woman you’ve always wanted to be.

We recommend working through the actions as you go through the videos, to make sure you get the best possible learning experience.

And don’t forget to use the private Facebook Group for inspiration, encouragement and support… it’s a really great community full of amazing women, who all want the same thing as you… to be more confident!

The videos range in length from around 4 minutes to our longest which is just over 17 minutes long.  We purposely split the content into logical sections so we could create bite-sized videos that you could easily find time to watch.  

If you purchase the Course + Coaching Package, you get 2 one-on-one coaching sessions directly with Jodie.  These can be used within 12 months of the date that you purchased your course.

Coaching sessions are a personalised, one-on-one, 60 minute connection (via phone or Zoom) to support you through the program, help you set confidence goals and give you personalised support and coaching specific to your individual needs.

These sessions are ideal for women who need a bit of help with their direction, focus and motivation, or who need some guidance around setting a goal, creating an action plan and sticking to it.

They are also highly effective for women who have a challenge that is in the way of them moving forward, that they need to create some new thinking around. And, they’re perfect for women who need a bit of a kick up the backside every once in a while, to get them into gear.

Sure can!
For your ease of use, we use Stripe Checkout – a secure and trusted global credit card payment system.  It is a completely separate platform so your credit card details are not given to us or stored on our system.

However, if you would prefer to pay by PayPal or by direct debit (Australia only) account – contact us here and we will forward you the details.

Unfortunately, we don’t – partly because we think this course is SO reasonably priced for everything you’ll be getting, and partly because, once you’ve purchased it, we want you to have instant access, rather than having to wait until your payment schedule is complete.

BUT, if  you REALLY want to do this course ASAP and the only way you can do it is if you have a payment plan, then get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do.


No problem at all!  We get it.  Not every course is right for everyone.  If you decide it’s just not right for you, then we’d be happy to refund your money, based on a few conditions, as listed below:

1. A refund can only be requested within the first 14 days AFTER your purchase of the course. We think this gives you enough time to try it out and see if it’s a good fit or not.

2. Any coaching sessions you have taken before this time will be deducted from your total.

3. All refunds will be made to the same account or credit card that the course was paid from, and for the same amount that was paid for the course.  For international transactions, the refund will be made in Australian dollars so amounts may vary due to differences in currency conversion rates at the time. 

4. You will no longer have access to the course or the private Facebook group once the refund is made.

Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

We’d love to answer any other questions you might have, so feel free to head over to our contact page and you can get in touch with us there.


and be the
you want to be!

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