Confidence for Career Women

Confidence for CAREER WOMEN

Studies show that Confidence is more important than Competence when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder!

On some level, we’ve ALL known this for a while, right?

It explains why some really capable and intelligent people can get stuck in a career-rut for years…whilst others who are not as competent, make amazingly fast (and sometimes, inexplicable) career progress.

It explains why those of us who work hard and keep our heads down, hoping our talents and skills (our ‘competence’) will naturally be rewarded… are disillusioned when our colleagues are promoted over us and paid more than us!

Think about it.
The individuals at your work who are respected and listened to the most are those who put their hands up in meetings, share their ideas and lead discussions.  The ones who display self-belief and confident behaviour stand out and that sways people and decisions.

‘Having talent isn’t merely about being competent; confidence is actually part of that talent.’
– The Confidence Code –

We’ve done all the hard work, and brought together all the best Confidence for Career Women resources, in the one easy-to-access place!

So if you’re ready to take your career to the next level, we’ve got you covered!

With increased confidence, YOU WILL…

have more SELF-BELIEF
learn to CARE LESS what others think
be able to PRESENT YOUR IDEAS in meetings
manage the NEGATIVE VOICE that tells you you can’t do it
actually ENJOY NETWORKING and meeting new people
have the COURAGE TO SPEAK UP  for yourself and others
create the best WORK / LIFE BALANCE for you
be the BEST and most SELF-ASSURED version of YOU!

Here's how we can help YOU!

DOWNLOAD these...

DOWNLOAD these...

Power Mantras


Read our Power Mantras article to learn how this practical confidence technique can help tame that negative voice in your head.  Then enter your details below to download our free Power Mantras printable designed specifically for CAREER WOMEN!

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Secrets of Confident Women Email Series

Secrets of Confident Women


Confidence is a learned behaviour and you can learn all the secrets of confident women in this fabulous email series. A short, practical and actionable email is sent directly to your inbox each week so you can start implementing our proven confidence techniques into your daily life.

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LISTEN to these...

LISTEN to these...

Secrets of Confident Women


In our podcast episodes, we’ll be sharing all the practical tips, tricks and techniques we know about confidence so that you can build the confidence you’ve always wanted. Plus, we have lined up some amazing women to interview so they too can share their tips on how they keep their confidence levels high.

BUY these...

BUY these...

Our Course

The Ultimate Confidence Course for Women has everything you need to sky-rocket your confidence and give you the unfair advantage.
With over 4 hrs of content-rich videos, 15+ practical confidence techniques, private community AND access for life, this course is your one-stop shop to help you create the confidence levels you’ve always wanted!

Go to our Confidence Course page to learn more!

Our Book

Pumped is the definitive guide to all the practical confidence techniques you’ll ever need.  It offers relevant, practical and specific examples of confidence techniques that all women can relate to.

Go to our Confidence Book page to learn more!

Confidence coaching

Confidence Coaching

Confidence coaching is the perfect way to gain clarity, inspiration and determination.  Fast track the achievement of your goals by working with someone who will always keep you on track.

Go to our Confidence Coaching page to learn more.

'CONFIDENCE is no longer the sideshow, it's the main event.'

– The Confidence Code – by Kay & Shipman

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