6 Power Mantras that will Transform Your Life!

What if I told you that every day you should repeat power mantras to yourself?  Some of you would say, ‘No Jodie.  I’m not into all that stuff!’  Well, guess what?  The fact that you own a brain means that you actually are!

Unfortunately these mantras / statements / conversations are already there.  The only problem is, they present themselves as the untamed and often negative statements made by the voice in your head that is talking constantly to you.  You know her, right? That voice that chatters away in your head all day… every day… telling you the way life is according to her!

You see, whether you like it or not, whatever ‘she’ is telling you is what ‘you’ tend to believe and often, she doesn’t have very many nice things to say.  ‘She’ lives in our head though, constantly warning us of the potential dangers around us.  She is berating us for our incompetence in many areas and then, she has the hide to nit-pick about our wrinkles, our larger-than-hoped-for hips and our lack-lustre complexion.

Ultimately, she’s not nice BUT while you give her free reign over the thoughts you think, THEY are the mantras you repeat to yourself daily.  AND, worse still, THEY are the ideas that seep into your subconscious.  Eeeek!

I’ve been doing lots of reading recently about the vibration of words and the importance of consciously choosing the thoughts you think – ideas that I have been exploring for over 25 years now.

When you truly understand and believe that the thoughts you think are responsible for everything that happens in your life, it is only then that you can start to realise how vital it is to consciously choose those thoughts.  Don’t let the ‘She’ in your head run the show.  You see, your thoughts influence the attitudes and behaviours you exhibit every day, which in turn determine your actions and reactions to everything that happens around you.

My 6 Power Mantras

power mantraYour thoughts influence the attitudes and behaviours you exhibit every day, which in turn determine your actions and reactions to everything that happens around you.

I have written before about the most powerful affirmations that I use but today we are talking power mantras!  These are super powerful statements that you can use to totally kick your confidence into the stratosphere (when repeated regularly, of course).  You have to repeat these statements constantly (aloud is best but in your head will also do).  This must be done in order to overwrite and rewrite what is already being said automatically by that annoying little ‘voice’.

Ultimately, you have to understand this… that the voice in your head is going to talk relentlessly, regardless of whether you control her or not. BUT, which do you think will allow you to create the best possible life for yourself – the negative, destructive thoughts or the positive, power thoughts?

Of course, it’s the power thoughts!  So, let’s get to it!

First – Click the link below to download your FREE printable of my 6 favourite power mantras for confidence.

Next – Choose the one that feels right for you right now.

Then – Pin up your chosen power mantra where you will be reminded of it daily (if not hourly). Computer desks are a great place, as is the inside of your diary. You can also photograph it and pin it to your phone’s wallpaper as a constant reminder.

power mantraLastly – Repeat this mantra 100 times a day, or even more if you can! (I know this sounds like alot, but trust me when I tell you, the negative thoughts float around in your head much more often than this). Also, put pen to paper and write this mantra down, over and over again.  When I want to really make a change, I write it down 50 times a day for 5 days.  Do whatever it takes to imprint this powerful phrase into your subconscious.  THIS will become the constant conversation in your head… then sit back and watch your life fly!

BE YOU!  We like her BEST!

power mantra

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