100+ Songs That Will Change Your Mood (the Kids Too!)

Picture this ……….. It’s 7pm on a Thursday night.  I’m still in the kitchen pumping out dinner, the irritating noise on the washing machine is going off to signify the end of the wash cycle and I’m helping both kids with homework and fending off requests for iPad time, dessert and ‘Can we skip the homework tonight?’ whining.  It’s not pretty!

The 7 year old has been looking at her maths page for an hour, resisting even putting pen to paper, the 5 year old has his forehead on the bench saying that he hates homework and I’m about to loose it.

You know what this looks like – right?

On previous, similar occasions the story just gets worse from here however, on this particular Thursday night I do something different to prevent the inevitable war that is about to erupt in our household.  I turn the pasta off and turn on the ipod.

Instantly, I scroll to my favourite playlist and turn the volume up loud.  The kids just look at me with a WTF expression as I tell them to get off their seats and come into the lounge room.  Amazingly, they do what I say the first time I ask and, as they turn the corner they see me dancing around the room waving my hands and jumping around.  It’s only 30 seconds or so before my energy infects them and they start dancing around too.

The kids just look at me with a WTF expression as I tell them to get off their seats and come into the lounge room.

Five minutes later we are turning the music down, laughing and returning to our said positions ready to get the homework done and the pasta cooked.  The mood has changed dramatically!!!

Music can have an incredible impact on your mood in a matter of minutes and that’s why I’m sharing with your my 100+ favourite songs that will change your mood.  Upbeat music can energise us, inspirational songs can help us stand up straighter and face the day and a great playlist can turn around the crappy outlook you had for your week.

I have used confidence building songs for years!  I always have a chosen theme song for the month and a playlist on my phone or iPod that has those ‘Get Back Out There And Kick-Some-Ass’ songs in it that change my day almost instantly.  I always ask my clients to choose a theme song to play through their coaching journey that keeps them motivated and on track.

We’ve all seen athletes come out of the change-room, ready for their big race with their earphones on.  Let me assure you they are listening to a song they have chosen that makes them feel invincible!

You can too!  The music you choose to play is vital to how you feel and, with programs like Spotify now available, it is easier than ever to have some fantastic playlists on hand to give you that confidence boost in a few minutes or less.

I’ve put together my favourite theme songs, my favourite playlists and my ‘Get Back Out There’ tunes on Spotify for you on the Rise Women Spotify account.  Spotify is free on your phone and computer so join today, follow our page and enjoy easy access to instant mood changers.

Woman dancing in Kitchen

I PROMISE that, if you listen to these playlists regularly, you will be happier and more motivated than EVER before!

And yes, that Thursday night the homework got done, the pasta was cooked, I hung the clothes out and I didn’t loose my trolley at anyone thanks to a 5 minute crazy dance around the loungeroom!

SHARE with us on our Facebook page  your favourite theme song or ‘pick-me-up’ song so I can add it to the playlists!!

BE YOU!  And dance your butt off!


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