How To Be Your Own Expert

Working with a new client a few months back, I asked her to give me an overview of what she was trying to change in her life and what, up to now, had she done about it.  Unusually, the answer to this question came very easily as she detailed in length, a myriad of courses, books and classes she had consulted to work on her life.

As we continued to talk, I was impressed with the amount of knowledge this woman had gathered and retained.  The key life areas she was focusing on to change were career and work/life balance, fitness and intimate relationships and I had never met someone who knew more or had done more work on each topic.  Something didn’t quite fit!

As our sessions continued, I watched with interest as this knowledgeable client researched more and more information.  Then, it dawned on me!  My client was so focused on becoming an information expert that she forgot (or resisted) putting any of this valuable knowledge into action.

So at our next session, I asked her what, of all the things she had learned, did she want to put into practice that week?  She was stopped!  She looked at me, looked at her piles of information and then just looked at me again and sighed ‘I don’t know where to start.  There’s just too much here!’

So, here are my tips on how to be your own expert!

Put your Knowledge into Practice.

Many people around us claim to be an expert and we rely on experts in many areas across our lives.  We seek medical experts, financial experts, real estate experts, relationship experts, career experts and all sorts of other experts on anything from cooking to parenting.  We read books, pay consultants, attend courses, watch documentaries, seek counseling or advice, pay for mentoring and try to learn from people who are recognised in their fields.  This is all fine but at some point, we have to recognise that we have gathered enough information and advice, and accept that it’s time to move into action.

Stop Making Excuses!

Continually thinking that you don’t have enough information can become just another one of those annoying excuses that can get in the way of you achieving what you want in your life!  My client, like so many of us, was so absorbed by becoming an expert, by gathering information and by doing every course under the sun, that she forgot the most important part – putting the information into action.  Essentially, she continued to gather information to ensure she didn’t make a mistake, feeling that she needed to be an expert before attempting anything but now, this was stopping her from actually doing anything.

Continually thinking that you don’t have enough information can become just another one of those annoying excuses that can get in the way of you achieving what you want in your life!

Preparing or Procrastinating?

So what are you trying to become the expert on?  Have you been putting off doing something for years because you still don’t believe you know enough and would prefer to wait until you have all the information and all the secrets to success before you even try?  Well, I’m sorry to say that you’ll never achieve success if you follow this method.

You see, information without action is useless.  You can pay for all the best financial advice in the world but it is worthless to you if you don’t do something about it.

…information without action is useless!

Follow Your Instincts.

Sometimes, we get so focused on learning from the experts that we forget that we are the only experts in our own lives.  At some point, you can take all the advice and information you want but you ultimately, you will make the decisions about your life and only you are accountable for them.  With this, comes our own instinct, intuition and inner voice.  Have you ever been given some advice that you just know is not correct, even though it is coming out of the mouth of a recognised ‘expert’?  Somehow, that specific advice just doesn’t fit for you individually and you have to trust your own instinct that not everything an expert says will be right for you.

Action IS Everything.

Ultimately, action is everything!  Would you ever let someone in the medical profession operate on you if they have read a lot of books but never actually performed the procedure?  Of course not!  Would you take relationship advice from a friend who has never had a relationship or fitness advice from someone who has never done any?  Hopefully not.  Always remember that you are the expert on your own life already and you have to take all the information you have and put it into practice.  That will be the secret to your success!

Be YOU!  We like her BEST!