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by RiSe Women

We KNOW you’ve got this, but when your confidence dips, or you need a little extra boost, we’ve got your back!​

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Our RiSe Women confidence boosting text messages help you get motivated, stay on track and achieve your goals.

It’s like having a motivated, positive, kick@ss best friend in your pocket! 

For just over $1 a week, you’ll receive 5 randomly-sent text messages a week that will  kickstart your morning on a high, finish your evening with confidence, or just keep you inspired and positive throughout the day.

You’ll never know when they’re coming or what they’ll say, but we KNOW you’ll always love them and they’ll be the perfect way to get that extra little bit of inspiration every day!

Here's what our customers think!

- Julie -

'I just love receiving these texts! I need reminders from time to time to reboot my mindset, as I easily slip into bad habits of negative thinking. They make such a difference!'

- Renee -

'Sometimes all us busy people need is a quick text, it can change someone's day. I've been in the best mood today and pretty sure your text had a little something to do with it.'

- Kylie -

'Such a nice reminder that was personal, thought provoking and useful for where I am at right now.'

- Mary -

'I love the surprise factor and that is was personalised. I find it great motivation in my week.'

- Margaret -

'I am amazed at the difference a motivational text message to my phone can make... although I also know that it is the little things that make the biggest difference. Keep them coming!'

- Suzanna -

'I don't know how you do it but the message always seems to be exactly what I need on the day it arrives! I love that they are random. I get a surprise each and every time.'

Get Started Today!

Receive positive and motivating messages direct to your phone!

You’ll receive 5 personalised confidence boosting text messages per week for 12 weeks. 

These will arrive on random days and at different times because research shows they’re more effective and motivating when they arrive unexpectedly! 

only $15.99

for 12 weeks!

 * YES, we can send messages to most countries. *Price quoted is in Australian Dollars.

Frequently asked questions!

~ a Biz Mum who likes receiving little surprise confidence boosts to keep her head in the game and provide that extra motivation during the challenging times of trying to juggle a business and a family.

~ a Career Woman who’d like regular little reminders and inspiration to help her increase her confidence and take her career to the next level.

~ a Direct Sales Consultant who sometimes struggles with the challenges of working alone and needs some motivation to make those sales calls and network like a pro.

~ a Mum who’s looking for some tips and tricks to get her confidence back to where it was before the little ones started running the show.

~ a Single woman who’s recently suffered a loss or relationship breakdown or needs a little help to get herself back up again.

~ or just an Amazing Woman who wants to give a unique gift to a friend, relative or colleague who could benefit from spontaneous motivating tips and reminders of how great they are.

We can send a text message to almost all countries worldwide!  We already have customers in Australia, UK, Greece, USA, Canada and Europe.  If you would like to check if this program works in your country, contact us here.

Yes!  This makes a great gift for a friend, family member, colleague or staff member!  After you purchase the program, we will contact you and arrange to send you a digital gift certificate that you can forward onto them or print and add to a card.

We can send a text message to almost all countries worldwide however, some carriers are hyper regulated so they may not allow the text to arrive to you.

When we set you up in the program, we send you a ‘TEST’ message to ensure you can receive them before you start the program.  If your carrier does not allow the messages to go through then we will issue you with a full refund.

We are SO thrilled you have received this as a gift.  To get started, click HERE and enter your details so we can get you all set up!

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