6 Crucial Confidence Tips for Being The Best You

So there I was…working away in my office, reading business articles and trawling through a myriad of blogs that I have subscribed to, trying to learn all I can about far too many topics. As I read one article, it would link to another article with more information and more “how to’s” and then on to many more “I am doing / did this and am a huge success and you can too if you buy my program…”

Two hours later I was still sitting at my desk but my shoulders had slumped, my motivation had vanished and the negative voice in my head was having an absolute field day!


Because stupidly, I had just spent two very valuable hours sitting on the internet reading about all the things I believed I needed to do, writing even more to-do lists AND, worse still, comparing myself to the ‘supposed’ success of others in cyberspace!

I had to STOP!

I knew better than to put myself in that position as the fall-out can be devastating!

And, it was!

I felt inadequate, sad and useless about all I was doing because these so-called internet experts had seemingly got it all figured out and I hadn’t. There was so much more to do and I was SO behind!

I felt inadequate, sad and useless about all I was doing because these so-called internet experts had seemingly got it all figured out and I hadn’t.

Do you ever feel like this?

Do you ever get on the internet and read about all these successful women, amazing mothers and incredible creatives who did all this great stuff and effortlessly created a 7 figure business, all while breastfeeding their triplets… and still managing to cook a gourmet meal for their loving husband?

I know I do and the first thing that comes to mind is “HOW?” (… straight after I think “What the…?” of course)

Reading these types of articles unfortunately does NOT help you be the best version of YOU (and sadly, social media is FULL of them!)

So what does actually help you be the best you? Here are 6 tips steps to get you started :

6 Crucial Confidence Tips for Being the BEST You!

1. STOP comparing yourself to others

This is absolutely #1 because, you see, there is a fundamental problem with comparing yourself to others – it’s NEVER fair, because we generally compare the worst aspects of ourselves to the best of what we know (or are told) about others.  We also usually compare ourselves with people who we believe as being, having or doing more – they are smarter, thinner, more successful, have more money, whiter teeth, better friends, have a better social life, better hair or well behaved kids!

And yep – and that also means getting off Facebook! I know you love it but this is the place where the most damaging comparison takes place. It probably needs lots more moderation than you are currently giving it.

“…there is a fundamental problem with comparing yourself to others -
it's NEVER fair!.”

2. Identify the real experts (but even then, be careful!)

Not everyone who claims they know what they are talking about, actually knows what they are taking about! Qualify whose advice you are paying attention to. Maybe they are only giving you one side of the story – the pretty, shinny side – and not the behind-the-scenes hell they might be going through.

AND….you must be extra careful here as well because really, YOU are the very best expert in your life. Get more tips on how to do that here – How To Be Your Own Expert.

3. Focus on YOUR Personal Best

Put your energy into focusing on being a better version of YOU, not a replicated version of someone else.  What are you doing, what do you have and what have you achieved?

The very best athletes in the world know this.  They know the importance of competing with themselves and focusing on improving their own results.  The ONLY comparison that you can make is comparing who you are today to who you were yesterday. Learn and grow everyday to be the best version of you.

4. Don't believe YOUR limits

Setting limits on what you think you can or can’t do is possibly one of the best ways to prevent yourself from being the best you. No one should be able to put a stop to what you want, what you dream and what you intend to achieve… and that includes YOU.

Stop the negative chit-chat in your head and pretend that the nagging little voice belongs to a mean and obnoxious person who only wants to see you fail. Surely you wouldn’t pay attention to THAT person and you definitely don’t want to see yourself fail, so why should you accept the limits you may be setting for yourself. Believe you can achieve anything… and you will.

5. Create YOUR happy

Being the best you is being a happy you however, ‘happy’ rarely just appears and even more rarely, stays with us in the long run. Like most things in your life, YOU get to create it. You’re in charge and you have the choice. So choose to create your happy.

Make sure you know these two vital keys to happiness and then have a look here for 50 ideas to make you happy!

6. Invest in YOURself

YOU are the greatest asset in your life and YOU get to create the life that you want to live. Personal growth MUST be a priority if you want to achieve being the best you. Check out our blog on why you should invest in yourself and 20 ideas how.

If you choose to make it a point to invest in yourself and commit to some (or all) of the tips above, I guarantee you will be well on the way to boosting your confidence and being the best possible version of you!

So, all in all – and in case you didn’t quite get the message above ???? – remember to always…

BE YOU!  We like her BEST!


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