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17. Confidence to Navigate Career Challenges and Workplace Success – with Fay Calderone

17. Confidence to Navigate Career Challenges and Workplace Success – with Fay Calderone

What a fantastic podcast interview we’ve got for you this week!

Join us as Anastasia interviews the award-winning, ground-breaking and life-changing Fay Calderone – a tireless advocate for women in the workplace, tackling issues like bullying, harassment, gender equality and flexible working conditions.

Fay has navigated workplace changes and her own career path in the legal industry for over 20 years and in this episode, she talks to us about what it took to get to where she is.

You’ll be amazed and inspired by this interview, as Fay takes us through the evolution of her career and how she’s turned a teenage passion into a life-long career, with a human twist and an amazing team by her side.

And, in this episode you’ll find out all about:

– when she’s most confident and does her best work;

– her go-to methods to manage fear and self-doubt when she’s got an overwhelming schedule ahead;

– her default confidence-building technique for when she’s really needing a bit of a confidence boost;

– how she uses the power and momentum from reflecting on her achievements, to move forward with purpose and motivation;

– how she switches from ‘career mode’ to ‘family mode’…. and back again, because she really DOES want it all;

– what she ‘really’ thinks about failure and how she manages it in her own life;

For all you career women out there, or just any woman wanting to be inspired by a kick-@ss confident woman, this episode’s for you.


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