4 Must-Do’s to Maintain a Confident Mindset in Uncertain Times!

Confident mindset

Well… we’ve never been HERE before, have we?

The world as we know it has taken a bit of an unusual spin on its axis and everything has changed.

We’re working like we’ve never worked before. We’re socialising and schooling our children in ways that 6 months ago, would have been unfathomable.

And for those of us in Australia, we’re still reeling from a summer of destruction, pain and fear.

BUT, even in times like this, there are so many things we can do to stay positive and maintain a healthy, happy and confident mindset.

So, here are the 4 things I’m doing to stay on track and keep my mind in the game:

1. Limiting social media exposure

I’m not going to say it… that dreaded ‘c’ word that has shaken the globe… but omg! Wtf is going on?! 

Everywhere we look, that’s all we’re exposed to, and it doesn’t take long before ‘being informed’ starts to become ‘living in despair’. And I’ve found the worst place for too-much-information, know-it-all’s and topic-saturation is social media. 

So… I’ve checked out temporarily. I still get my information from credible sources and am still trying to stay abreast of what’s going on BUT I’ve made a conscious decision to limit my exposure to channels and platforms that are doing nothing but spread fear, anxiety and suspicion.

And I haven’t looked back. Eliminating the regular Facebook check-in’s has allowed me to focus better, work better and concentrate on what I need to do to keep myself and my family healthy and safe.

And I’m sure I’ll be back… I just need some respite at the moment for my personal wellbeing and sanity.

2. Staying Organised

I’ve always been a relatively organised creature but now, more than ever, my ability to plan and structure my day, is helping me maintain a confident mindset, which allows me to continue working and living the way I want.

And, the fact that I now have to manage working whilst having the kids at home, means that being organised is more valuable to me than it’s ever been before.

It’s still early days, I know… but if the kids can see me sticking to a schedule and not succumbing to chaos and disarray, then maybe some of that will rub off on them too… fingers crossed 😉

3. Staying Connected

Now’s our chance people… FINALLY we can put our fancy-pants mobile phones to use the way they were originally intended. So, pick it up and phone a friend!

Staying connected is SO crucial to maintaining sanity and a confident mindset because being surrounded by happy, positive and confident people works wonders when it comes to your own state of mind.

Of course, there will always be dooms-dayers and negative Nancy’s lurking in the shadows, but do your best to limit your exposure to these people, and instead, spend your time with those who REALLY matter. 

The happy people, the confident people, the go-getters and the yes-you-can’ers – THESE are the people who will keep you in the right frame of mind to get on with life in a positive and confident way. 

Remember, often we can’t change the situation around us but, what we can ALWAYS change is how we react to it. 

4. The RiSe Women Text Message Program

Ok, so this is not a sell, and I’m not trying to get you to buy or subscribe to anything, I promise.

BUT, I have to say, our program is giving me awesome (and random) little confidence boosts and they always seem to come EXACTLY when I need them.

Our program is 12 weeks’ worth of 5 random confidence boosting text messages a week, and even though I co-wrote some of them with Jodie, I still get a total buzz when they pop up on my screen.

And now, whenever one appears, I write it out on the whiteboard beside my desk and leave it there until the next one shows up.

They’re such a great way to get inspiring little reminders of what’s really important, and they ALWAYS help me stay happy, positive and confident.

(To find our more about our text message program, click here.)

So… these are the 4 things I’m doing RIGHT NOW to maintain a confident mindset and stay afloat in a world where so many people seem to be drowning in misery, despair and fear.

Let us know what you’re doing to keep YOUR mindset confident and positive, and remember, Jodie and I are always here for support if there’s anything we can do to help.

Til next time… please look after yourselves and stay safe, healthy and confident.


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