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14. Must-have Techniques to Confidently Talk to Strangers!

14. Must-have Techniques to Confidently Talk to Strangers!

Today we focus on a topic that we’ve had SO many requests for – how to have the Confidence to Talk to Strangers. 

This episode is filled with great techniques and game-changing insights that will help you meaningfully connect with new people – whether in the workplace or just generally in life. 

Join Jodie and Anastasia this week on the Secrets of Confident Women Podcast, where they discuss: 

– how to master a skill that can have you networking like a pro; 

– how even the most confident women sometimes struggle with making new connections and talking to strangers; 

3 things that you absolutely MUST do if you want to confidently and powerfully speak to someone you’ve never met before; 

– the one tip that will bring it all together and automatically switch your brain from ‘nervous panic mode’ to ‘I’ve got this’ mode instantly. 

The confidence to talk to strangers is something that EVERY woman should know how to do because whether it’s at the grocery store, in the workplace, on the soccer field or within your business interactions, we will ALWAYS be in a situation where there’s someone new to talk to.


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