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54. Conquer the Fear of Failure to Live a Life on Purpose – with Amy Eliza Wong

54. Conquer the Fear of Failure to Live a Life on Purpose – with Amy Eliza Wong

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Join Jodie in this week’s inspiring conversation with Amy Eliza Wong – executive leadership coach, author and facilitator. Amy has devoted the last 20 years of her life to the study and practise of transformation and is a conversational intelligence certified coach who loves helping people find their truth and meaning.

In this fantastic episode, you’ll discover:

– how the driving forces throughout her upbringing were kindness, hard-work and the right mindset and how her love of math and music transformed into a love of teaching, and brought her to where she is today;

– Amy’s simple but empowering definition of true confidence, how it leads to freedom and why you need to CHOOSE confidence, instead of constantly trying to PROVE it;

how the fundamental and primal fear of rejection is processed by our brains, and the ways that this can dictate the choices we make in life;

– how acceptance of kindness and the realisation that everyone has their own struggles, really can change the world;

– the series of questions that Amy asks her clients, to help them identify their fears and life obstacles, and help them move through and forward;

– how fear of the unknown is one of the key factors that stop people from transforming their lives;

– a simple and relatable breakdown of Carol Dweck’s incredible research on fixed vs growth mindset, and what this looks like in everyday life;

– why you MUST avoid the destructive and disempowering practice of mapping your inherent self-worth to your output and outcomes, and how this is entirely counterproductive to having a true growth mindset;

– how the fear of public speaking generates a surge of adrenaline that you should run TOWARDS, not away from, and the two words you MUST say to yourself to manage your nerves;

– the difference between nerves and nervousness and what you can do to distinguish between the two and control your reactions before a presentation;

– the 4 step process you MUST follow before public speaking, to find your focus and redirect your energy into your best presentation EVER.

Conquer Fear of Failure


It’s got neuroscience, life transformation practices, techniques to boost your confidence and SO MUCH MORE. So, if you’re going to listen to only ONE podcast this week, make it this one. We know you won’t regret it.

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