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51. Don’t Take Other People’s Cr@p Personnally

51. Don’t Take Other People’s Cr@p Personnally

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We are SO excited about this episode and we know you will be too, because it was so much fun to talk about, but also such an important skill for all of us to have.

Join Jodie and Anastasia on this episode of the Secrets of Confident Women podcast, where they discuss how to NOT take other people’s cr@p personally.

In this fun and insightful conversation, you’ll learn all about:

– why it’s CRUCIAL to have empathy for others if you want to STOP taking their cr@p personally;

– the fact that, no matter how much you THINK you know someone and what they’re going through, you never really do;

– what our automatic ‘default’ thought is, when we get advice we didn’t ask for, or an opinion we don’t like;

– what it looks like to get stuck in a downward spiral of miscommunication, overthinking and frustration;

– the true definition of empathy and how it relates to our relationships with others, on so many different levels;

– the confronting question you need to ask yourself when it comes to a lack of empathy, a miscommunication or a misunderstanding;

– our go-to technique for NEVER taking someone else’s cr@p personally (and yes, it always works!);

– why it’s SO important to be ready with YOUR go-to technique in your head, to deal with situations in the moment (because it’s just too hard to come up with a technique at the time that you really need it);

– the type of person you DON’T want to be, and how to prevent it;

– and so much more.

This really is a great conversation that will help you, your friends, your family, your colleagues and basically, ANYONE who has ever had to deal with someone else’s cr@p in their life.

And once you’ve listened to this episode, get in touch on our socials and share what techniques YOU use, to not take other people’s cr@p personally. We’d love to know! 😉


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