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71. Being in the Driver’s Seat of your Career – with Randi Roberts

71. Being in the Driver’s Seat of your Career – with Randi Roberts

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In this week’s episode, we sit down with Randi Roberts, an accomplished executive and career coach, and dive into empowering conversations that will elevate you in your career and your professional journey. 

Randi helps professionals become re-energised by their work and attain career fulfilment without compromising what matters most.

We discuss:

– why women should take control of their professional lives and steer their careers with intention;
– how women can actively position themselves to make strategic decisions that drive their success forward;
– the tendency for women to downplay their achievements;
– how to amplify your visibility and influence in your professional role, ensuring that your contributions are recognized and valued, and
– the one thing women miss when making career decisions.

This episode will give you a fresh perspective on career empowerment and insights into some practical tips that will inspire you to not only take the wheel but navigate your career journey with purpose and confidence.

Connect with Randi at Randi Roberts Coaching


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