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43. Dump your HeadTrash and Live Your Full Potential… with Renie Cavallari

43. Dump your HeadTrash and Live Your Full Potential… with Renie Cavallari

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Join Jodie and her exciting guest – Renie Cavallari – as they discuss something that we ALL struggle with (yes, YOU too!) – that incessant, taunting and destructive internal negative voice, or as Renie calls it – our Head Trash!

Renie is a speaker, an avid traveller, an aspiring jazz flutist, the CEO of a global transformational training company, the founder of the RCI Institute and the author of 6 books, one of which is titled ‘Head Trash – The Leading Killer of Human Potential’.

In today’s episode, Jodie and Renie take a deep dive into:

– the impact that our Head Trash has on our confidence and how it manipulates our ego, our emotions and our creativity;

– why she turned down a promotion AND quit from her high-flying corporate job…. on the same day;

– how our ego and other people’s thoughts influence our inner voice and our life choices and why some people can tap into their potential and others find it SO elusive;

why connection is the key to being a better human being (find out more about this at @14:38);

– TPM – find out what it is and why Renie runs her company based on these 3 little letters;

– how the negative imprint from a Head Trash session after a presentation lasted for years, and still have her obsessed with what to wear at presentations – check it out @22:17;

– the actual definition of Head Trash @26:47;

– the sudden death of her brother when she was only 4 years old, and the imprints that this experience left on her @29:05;

– an alternative definition of compassion @35:00 which is SO relevant to the state of the world right now;

– a quick insight into the top 29 tools to help you manage your Head Trash @42.43;

– self-awareness and self-reflection – how your feelings and thoughts are interconnected, and how they both lead to your actions;

discovering your BIG LIE and how that is the key to uncovering your true potential;

Renie Cavallari Head Trash

And there’s SO much more that this episode has in store for you. Renie is fantastic to listen to and we KNOW this conversation will give you so many A-HA moments and confidence insights.

Join Jodie and Renie and learn how to manage your Head Trash once and for all!

Connect with Renie Cavallari
    Website:  www.DumpHeadTrash.com
    Resource referred to in the episode – Discover Your BIG LIE™ Assessment

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