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06. How Embracing Change can BOOST your Confidence!

06. How Embracing Change can BOOST your Confidence!

Change is EVERYWHERE! 

It’s in global health crises and the economic and social chaos it creates.

It’s in the environment around us, as the world evolves.

It’s in social justice movements that revolutionise the world.

It’s in your workplace, your marital status, your health and wellbeing, your friendships and relationships – change can be found in EVERY aspect of your life.

AND… it can be scary as hell.

Whether it’s in your personal or professional life, change can often threaten to derail you, but in this week’s podcast episode we talk about why change can be AWESOME and how you can embrace it to:

– manage any self-doubt or fear that arises;
– shift your perspective when your ‘old’ way of looking at things just isn’t working for you anymore; and
– motivate you to make changes that you might have been too afraid to make on your own.
– practice the personal confidence techniques you need, to get you game-changing results in any situation.

So… join us on the latest episode of the Secrets of Confident Women podcast, and discover how YOU can embrace change and boost your confidence TODAY!


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