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44. How Empowered Women can Empower Women and Change the World!… with Jane Finette

44. How Empowered Women can Empower Women and Change the World!… with Jane Finette

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If you’re a woman who LOVES empowering other women, then THIS is the episode for you!!!

Join Jodie as she interviews Jane Finette – the Founder and Executive Director of The Coaching Fellowship, a Certified Professional Coach and the author of Unlocked – How Empowered Women Empower Women.

This is such a wonderful topic and also, such an important conversation to be having because the truth is… AND the stats show… that when women empower women, EVERYONE wins!

Join Jodie and Jane in this inspiring interview, as they discuss:

– what research actually confirms about the real-life global benefits of women empowering women;

– how comparison and self-doubt led to insights about the type of leader she was and the type of leader she WANTED to be;

– why MEN also need to see, and be empowered by, women in leadership positions;

– why trying to be someone you’re not, and not aligning with your values, is like trying to hold a beach-ball under water – exhausting and pointless;

– the inspiration behind – Unlocked – and why Jane felt compelled to write a book about hope, positivity and empowerment, during a time when the world seems disillusioned and lost;

– why trust is crucial when it comes to empowerment, because your words and actions will have ripple effects that you may NEVER know about;

– why small daily and multiple acts of feminism are critical for female empowerment, because if you help one woman, you help ALL women;

– the frightening statistics related to the 36-year loss of progress for women in 2020 alone, due to the Covid 19 pandemic;

– Jane’s perspective on how to create and maintain your own confidence, and also how to help other women create and maintain theirs;

– why it’s SO important for women to end the secrecy, break the rules and talk about money (and share how to generate, manage, invest and increase it) to create financial independence.


This SUCH an amazing episode and so inspiring to listen to, because it gives us a great starting point from which to have these really powerful conversations about female empowerment, gender equality and positive progress.

Connect with Jane Finette
    Website:  The Coaching Fellowship
   LinkedIn – Jane Finette
   Purchase the Book – Unlocked

Unlocked Book by Jane Finette


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