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69. Financial Confidence After Divorce – with Leah Hadley

69. Financial Confidence After Divorce – with Leah Hadley

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Confidence around our own financial situation is something that we often see women neglect and that is why we really wanted to do an episode on this important topic.

This week Jodie speaks with an incredible woman – Leah Hadley – who is the founder of Great Lakes Divorce and Financial Solutions. Leah is a nationally recognized financial empowerment expert and an award-winning financial planner who is on a mission to provide women compassionate financial guidance before, during and after a divorce to help them secure financial confidence and independence.

In this episode, we discuss:

– why we (as women) MUST be across our own finances and our financial future;
– how women can access the financial information they need;
– the most important step a woman can take to increase her financial confidence;
– why we want to be realistic about where we are emotionally in the divorce process so we can make objective financial decisions rather than emotional ones;
– the common mistakes women make after divorce that can cost them a lot of money;
– the important thing you must consider if you’re divorcing a narcissist;
– how to ensure you know who you are around money and be able to communicate that; and
– the keys to keep your budget in check after the divorce is over.

There’s nothing more freeing than being in charge of our finances and being able to make our own choices about the future and this episode will help you do just that.

Whether you’re going through a divorce, should be going through a divorce (wink) or helping a friend through a divorce… this episode will give you great tips on what to consider and how to take back your power.

financial confidence after divorce

Connect with Leah at Great Lakes Financial Solutions


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