50 Ideas To Make You Happy

Following on from our happiness blog this week, check out the top 50 ideas to make you happy (sorry – we couldn’t stop at 5!!)  List derived from what WE do to make us happy so hopefully they’ll make you happy too!  ????

50 ideas to make you happy!

  1. Watch an episode of Modern Family and note the similarities to your own crazy, daily life.
  2. Sing loudly to your favourite song in the car (yes, even at the red lights).
  3. Browse your favourite Pinterest boards.
  4. Have a glass of champagne, in your pj’s, in the best crystal glass.
  5. Buy your favourite piece of cake (calories be damned)
  6. Do something kind to help someone else.
  7. Create a playlist of your happiest songs.
  8. Buy a piece of highly expensive chocolate (and devour it, in secret).
  9. Write a list of everything you appreciate right now.
  10. Have a dance contest with your kids.
  11. Pretend you’re going to Paris/New York/The Bahamas (you get the jist) and start planning away.
    (Image taken by Jodie on an awesome holiday!)
  12. Photo bomb someone’s selfie.
  13. Hang out at the local $2 shop, buy pointless things, and then go home and have fun with them.
  14. Buy sticky crystals (see point 13) and bling up your phone or iPad.
  15. Buy stationery – enough said!
  16. Wear your favourite pair of heels inappropriately (yes, put on those stilletos to pick the kids up from school).
  17. Get a free make-up session at your local Myer.
  18. Get your nails painted in a bright colour that you wouldn’t normally wear (why stop there? Be extreme – add flowers and diamonds).
  19. Go outside, lie on the grass and stare at the clouds.
  20. Learn the Flashdance routine (or the Beyoncé Single Ladies one –we did at Dance Central, it was great!)
  21. Go to a nursery and buy yourself a potted plant.
  22. Find 5 new people to follow on Instagram that have happy, colourful posts.
  23. Go for a walk.
  24. Sit in the park with a takeaway coffee and a trash mag.
  25. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, just for a quick chat.
  26. Take your camera out for the day and challenge yourself to take some awesome pics.
  27. Use the special tea cup you hide on the top shelf.
  28. Put red lipstick on, then do the dishes.
  29. Go on a treasure hunt for a great piece of jewellery, but give yourself a $5 limit.
  30. Get creative – make something crafty.
  31. Take yourself out to a café in a new suburb and people-watch.
  32. Take the kids to the park and climb the monkey bars with them.
  33. Hunt down your local Gelato Messina joint and try a new flavour.
  34. Watch a funny movie and laugh out loud.
  35. Put a big bunch of flowers in the middle of your table.
  36. Change your phone screensaver to a great quote, for daily inspiration.
  37. Watch random, funny YouTube videos.
  38. Blow up coloured balloons and spread them throughout the house.
  39. Pretend you’re having a dance party in your lounge room (release those happy endorphins).
  40. Look at old photos.
  41. Write positive messages on post-its and leave them lying around for random people to find (great for home or the office).
  42. Go shopping for shoes (release more of those happy endorphins).
  43. Start a dream journal (see point 13 – you may need stationery for this!)
  44. Google ‘storage ideas’ and reorganise one of your cupboards.
  45. Buy a crazy pair of sunglasses (this can also be done in conjunction with point 13).
  46. Watch a funny kids movie (Jodie’s tip – Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad day.  Hillarious!).
  47. Ride the back of your shopping trolley all the way to your car.
  48. Get your hair done (cut, colour, blow dry – the works!)
  49. Be a tourist in your own city for a day.
  50. Did we mention stationery shopping…?

      Be YOU! We like her best!

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