My 3 Keys To Weight Loss

Ok, so I’m going to be totally honest with you – I feel fat!  Yes, yes, I know I’m tall and I carry it well (or so my friends keep telling me) but I’m now 5kg over my ‘happy’ weight and the happiness got squeezed out of me this month, as I squeeeeeeeeeezed into my jeans.

To be really truthful, it all started last Xmas when I let my ‘good habits’ stray off for a few too many weeks.  It was fun and an extra kilo here and there surely wouldn’t hurt over the festive season but I defied knowing the truth, by avoiding the scales and promising myself I would reign it all in soon.

However, now it’s winter – which is not exactly ‘soon’!  The unforgiving next-size-up jeans have come out of hiding from the vacuum packed storage bag and dispelled the mystery that it was a more significant weight gain than I wished to admit.  So, last Monday (because everything new is started on a Monday) I stood, bare-assed on my bathroom scales and realised that the expected ‘maybe it’s 3 kg’s was a clear and definitive 5!!  Holy guacamole (and yes, I probably ate too much of that too!)

Now, I know the body image debate should have me loving my body regardless – and I do to some extent – but it is difficult to keep up the love when the top button of my jeans is making it hard to breath.  It’s the moment-to-moment challenge of keeping my torso upright so as to not cut off circulation to my limbs that has me think about every morsel of food that is passing my lips.  Hell, I even went back to that god-awful soy milk to save a few calories!

If you know how I feel, then you will know why the 25 year old model on the front of a Women’s Health magazine talking about how to love your body, shits me to no end.  Sorry, but this is going to be the ‘No B.S’ version.

So the ‘No BS’ facts are:

  • I’ve been in denial so I didn’t have to face the hard truth (which the scales just blew wide open);
  • The 3 kgs is 5 kgs (which probably should be an increase in jeans size – but I am resisting and not breathing!)
  • I didn’t get on the scales 5 months ago because I wanted my cake and I wanted to eat it too – literally – (plus the champagne, Maltesers and my favourite sea salt chips).

I love who I am and my self-worth is not the number on the scales BUT… I am personally a happier, healthier, more confident, comfortable woman when I am at my own personal ‘happy’ weight.

What you should know is that 13 years ago I was not 5 kgs, but 15kgs over my happy weight and I was pretty miserable.  After a year-long effort at changing my life through Weight Watchers, I lost the lot and vowed never to go back there again.  This is why 5kgs to me, is of major importance.  I know where that is headed and at the moment, it’s only going up.  You have to stop somewhere and turn the ship around and it’s these 5 kilos that have my hands now firmly placed on the steering wheel.

My 3 keys to weight loss:

Responsibility.  Accountability.  Motivation.

To be at my chosen weight, I had to take full responsibility for my lifestyle.  I’m responsible for getting up at 5.30am, exercising, for cooking myself healthy meals, having healthy food in my fridge and staying well clear of the snacks and alcohol.  Only I can be fully responsible for my weight and sometimes that is the first bitter pill to swallow.

For accountability, I headed straight up and joined the local gym.  I also told people around me that I am getting back into shape and committed to completing a 14km run for my friend’s charity.  Nothing gives you more accountability than people knowing what your goals are or announcing a deadline that you are working towards!

For motivation – I dug out an old iPhone and downloaded all my favourite 80’s dance music to listen to while I’m on that treadmill.  I also bought some awesome new Lorna Jane gym gear to make me feel good.  (Yes, it’s worth the money!)

So here are some more ideas that may work for you;


  • Do not have temptations in the house.
  • Be planned and organised, and write down your weekly meals. ONLY buy those ingredients at the supermarket.
  • Tell your workmates that if they see you eat cake at the office birthday celebrations, then you’ll give them all $10.


  • Tell your kids what you are doing. They LOVE to let you know when you are doing something wrong.
  • Get a Fitbit and connect it to your friends’. Have weekly competitions.  Loser buys the coffees at the end of the week.
  • Get a friend to go walking with. Make a regular time and agree that there will be no cancellations.
  • Volunteer to train your kid’s soccer team
  • Register for a fun run / walk / swim – whatever!  Just get involved.


  • Subscribe to the Weight Watchers magazine or a low-cal eating blog.
  • Join a local dance class, so you can have fun while you workout.
  • Buy yourself some music that will keep those legs a-walking.
  • Tick off a chart on the fridge – every 10 workouts or kilos lost, YOU get a present.
  • Hang up a sexy dress you own -but can’t wear – in the bedroom to remind yourself daily of your goal.

These 3 keys to weight loss will work for whatever goal you want to achieve.  You just have to decide what you want and then brainstorm ideas under the above headings, like we have done here.  Then get going!

Be YOU!  We like her BEST!