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45. Harness Your Inner CEO to be Happy AND Successful!… with Becca Powers

45. Harness Your Inner CEO to be Happy AND Successful!… with Becca Powers

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If you are feeling overwhelmed, overstressed, undervalued and unappreciated, then THIS episode is definitely for YOU! And it’s for EVERY woman whose default setting is stuck on BUSY!

In today’s episode, Jodie speaks with Becca Powers – a high-achieving and award-winning sales executive, and the author of the incredible new book ‘Harness your Inner CEO’.

Becca dropped out of college, became a single mum of two by 28, has worked for Fortune 500 giants, has won awards and managed teams and now she’s a motivational speaker who helps women prioritise themselves, rediscover their worth and become the CEO of their own lives.

Join Jodie and Becca in this candid and insightful conversation about:

– Becca’s powerful working mantra and how an ex-boss inspired the birth of her book title;

– how Becca’s life took a complete turn whilst she was on the bathroom floor;

– what a ‘sacrifice mindset’ is, how it led her to 2 anxiety disorders, an autoimmune disease and hair loss, and why ‘powering through’ is sometimes the worst thing you can do;

– why the life of your dreams shouldn’t come at an unsustainable price, and why women should NEVER have to choose between success and happiness;

– why learning to say NO is as awkward and uncomfortable as brushing your teeth with the other hand, but is CRUCIAL to reclaiming power and control over your life;

Becca’s ‘unders and overs’ and the power of the word ‘AND’;

– how to wear many different hats at the SAME time (mum, corporate career woman, friend, etc), how to feel present in the moment and how to stop feeling guilty about it all;

– how to find the right order when it comes to prioritising yourself, your health and your well-being, and the difference between ‘structure’ and ‘rules’;

– how and why you MUST create your own fan club to stay confident and have a back-up plan when you start to second guess yourself.

This episode is incredibly powerful and sadly, one that we can ALL relate to because as women, most of us have been in a position of overwhelm, guilt and despair at some point in our lives.

So, if you’re feeling like you’re about to hit rock-bottom or you know what it feels like to ALWAYS be busy but still always feel like you’re not doing enough, then this is definitely the episode for you because Becca’s transformation WILL inspire and motivate you.

Connect with Becca
    Website:  Becca Powers
    Instagram: @beccapowers1313
    LinkedIn – Becca Powers

Harness Your Inner CEO book by Becca Powers


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