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63. Health, Hormones & Confidence – with Rebecca Warren

63. Health, Hormones & Confidence – with Rebecca Warren

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Join Anastasia on this incredibly informative and fun conversation with Rebecca Warren – a Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, Lecturer, Researcher and super-smart woman when it comes to anything health or hormone related.

In this amazing episode, Anastasia and Rebecca discuss:

Rebecca’s P.E.A.C.E values, that underpin everything she does, and how well they align to our very own RiSe Women principles;

– the trends that Rebecca’s discovered after working with women on their health and hormones for so many years, especially in relation to their confidence;

– a wonderfully fresh perspective on the connection between ‘state of body’ and ‘state of mind’;

– an eye-opening explanation on hormones – what they are, what they do, and how we can manage them to stop them from controlling our life (and our mood);

why Menopause should not be feared and how to prepare for it in the most positive, confident and healthy way possible;

– an insight into what Rebecca’s clients have taught her along the way, and how she applies her learnings to her own life;

– a great resource that can help you get on top of your hormones and health, to live your best life;

– and SO much more!

This really is a conversation for EVERY woman and is filled with amazing insights, practical tips and fascinating information. Make sure to share this one with all the wonderful women in your life – we know they’ll thank you!


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