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49. Humanity ALWAYS works better, in the workplace and in life! …with Kate Roeske-Zummer and Debbie Cohen

49. Humanity ALWAYS works better, in the workplace and in life! …with Kate Roeske-Zummer and Debbie Cohen

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What an episode we have today, with not one, but TWO incredible women!

Our first guest is Kate Roeske-Zummer – with a background as an account manager in the advertising industry, Kate is currently coaching people and working with organisations around vulnerability-based leadership, to help remove roadblocks and increase productivity.

Our second guest is Debbie Cohen – a former teacher and leader in early childhood educations programs, who is fascinated by human growth and evolution, and now helps people and organisations transform by tapping into the power of human connection.

Join Jodie as she speaks with Kate and Debbie about how to be more productive, embrace change and become a better human.

This amazing and insightful interview takes a deep dive into:

– Kate and Debbie’s tips on how to instantly apply their practical and game-changing skills, straight after reading their book, Humanity Works Better;

a new perspective on ‘winging it’ and why we ALL need to be doing it, if we want to move forward in our lives;

– why being brave and not worrying about ‘being right’ is one of the best ways to become self-expressed and boost your confidence;

– a transformational insight by Debbie around honouring your fundamental values through your behaviour, and how this became her quiet foundation of confidence;

– why people should pause and reflect more often, on their values and behaviours, and intentionally live their truth;

– why people often equate vulnerability and authenticity in the workplace with weakness, and why this needs to change in order for people to become more ‘human’;

– how the fear of rejection often underlies the decisions that many people make in the workplace, which can lead to a toxic and unproductive environment;

– which mindsets can hold you back from intentionally becoming a powerful and effective leader;

– how women can change the narrative of becoming more confident and powerful in the workplace, by creating meaningful connections;

– how working from home and the entire Covid experience has created a collective vulnerability that we can all connect on;

– the two fronts of career progression, and why you need to be able to attach ‘what you do’ to ‘why it matters;

– an incredible story about a children’s playground fence, and the impact it has on how people interact and relate to themselves and each other.

humanity works better

This episode is for EVERY woman who has ever craved a meaningful connection, and who KNOWS that being more ‘human’ in the workplace (and in life) can change absolutely EVERYTHING!

Connect with Kate and Debbie
    Website:  Humanity Works


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