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07. Building Confidence and the Driving Force behind Rise Women.

07. Building Confidence and the Driving Force behind Rise Women.

This week we launch the very first of our Interviews with Confident Women and we start with a fantastic episode where RiSe Women interviews… ITSELF!

Yes, you read that correctly – you don’t want to miss this week’s episode, where Anastasia interviews Jodie and gets some inspiring insights into Jodie’s passions and goals, and the powerful driving force behind RiSe Women. 

Where DID it all start?  And why CONFIDENCE?

In this episode you’ll learn all about what makes Jodie tick, why ‘confidence’ is her favourite topic in the world and what she REALLY 😜 thinks about her business partner…  😉

PLUS, you’ll discover…

– the 3 things on Jodie’s vision board that keep her motivated;
– what it felt like to find her TRUE purpose in life;
– why she LOVES working on RiSe Women; and
– what she does to perk herself up, when her confidence sometimes takes a nose-dive.

And there’s SO much more that we know you’ll love (especially her answers to our RiSe Women Final Power Questions) so click below and let us inspire, encourage and support you to become the confident woman you were born to be.


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