Confidence Workshops

Jodie’s greatest joy in life is working with women, teaching techniques to increase their Jodie_websiteconfidence! Her speaking style is bold, honest and entertaining with lots of humour and real-life examples that ‘real’ women can connect to.

She challenges groups to re-think their ideas about confidence and teaches them proven and practical confidence building techniques that they can immediately implement.  Most importantly, she smashes the myths that confidence is something ‘lucky’ people have and explains how confidence – the worlds most sought after personality trait – is available to everyone.

She is best known for her ‘red-bra’ and ‘trapeze’ stories, her honest and playful presentations and helping women increase their confidence by providing practical techniques which all women can apply to their lives, regardless of their circumstances.  Her humour, wit and inspiring stories make her instantly relevant and relatable to her audiences.

Whether she is speaking to one wonderful woman or a room full of lovely ladies, her passion is always obvious and her message is as clear and sharp as the stiletto heel on her favourite pair of pumps – that you can create the confidence levels you want!

Do you know an amazing group of women who would love to be a part of an informative and entertaining workshop?

Whether its in a corporate setting, a network or just a great group of friends, we can customise a workshop to suit you!

Workshop Topics include:

  • Confidence is the Best Deodorant;
  • Kick-Ass Confidence techniques to smash it at your Home-Based Business;
  • Confidence for Women in Leadership.
  • What women really want is confidence!
  • Confidence Tips for Biz Mums
  • How to be a Confident Working Woman

Formats to suit all groups:

Jodie’s Workshops can be delivered as a half day or full day format.  Workshops are also customised to your organisation’s goals and requirements.

Click Here to email Jodie and talk to her about customising a workshop for you and your group.


“Thank you Jodie! You may not realise this, but you’ve added value to my life… You gave me a ‘ladle-full’ of confidence, to step out and do what I love to do and be the person I am today.


Rose – Workshop Participant

“I enjoy your direct presentation style. You are passionate, honest, bold and authentic. You ‘walk your talk’. Content touched on the key aspects that affect confidence.


Sue – Workshop Participant

“Quality of the presentation was brilliant… so many little things to empower me as a successful, confident woman at home and in all areas of my life.


Barbara – Workshop Participant

“I would have to say it is the most uplifting and inspiring workshop I have been to. I can see myself coming to more – I’m eager to blossom.


Heidi – Workshop Participant

“A fantastic, inspirational & practical workshop for those who think they need a confidence boost & for those who think they don’t.


Jennifer – Workshop Participant