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50. Maintaining your confidence, through fear and change… with Nore Hoogstad

50. Maintaining your confidence, through fear and change… with Nore Hoogstad

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Welcome to this week’s podcast, where Anastasia speaks with a woman who has experienced fear and change in so many different settings.

In this episode, Anastasia speaks with Nore Hoogstad – a former diplomat, political advisor and press secretary, turned author, nutritional therapist and transformational coach.

Join Anastasia and Nore as they discuss:

– her experience whilst posted to Jakarta and East Timor in the turbulent late 1990’s and how they are portrayed through her debut novel Gunfire Lullabies;

– how she’s transitioned into an entirely new career as a nutritional therapist and transformational coach, and what it took to do that;

– the inextricable connection between your physical wellbeing your mental health and mindset and why you can’t have one without the other;

– why we need to stop ‘blaming’ ourselves for our mental health challenges and re-consider the concept of ‘You are what you eat.’

– the moral dilemma addressed in Gunfire Lullabies and throughout her experiences in Jakarta and East Timor – whether to do what’s right or what’s easy, the sense of duty over moral responsibilities;

– how your brain responds to all types of fear, and which confidence building techniques Nore used to manage her physical, mental and professional fears;

– an incredible breathing technique that Nore uses to manage the fight or flight state.

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This episode addresses a number of different topics, with so many great insights and techniques that Nore has applied in many different social and professional settings, so we know there’ll be something in this conversation for everyone.

Contact Nore:
Website – https://writingnore.com/
Purchase the book here


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