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39. Making mistakes and ALWAYS having your own back… with health journalist, Casey Beros

39. Making mistakes and ALWAYS having your own back… with health journalist, Casey Beros

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What a fun new episode we have for you!

Join Jodie this week as she interviews health journalist, tv presenter, magazine contributor, mum, parallel-parking champion and author of “The Bad Girl’s Guide to Good Better” – Casey Beros.

In this funny and colourful interview, Jodie and Casey have a fantastic conversation about:

– how her curiosity has led her to become a conduit between customers and clinicians, to help people navigate the science-heavy information people often receive when it comes to their health;

– how she helps people distinguish between opinions and scientific and medical reality, especially in the current climate of social-media led gullibility;

– why being in someone’s life… and allowing others into your life… is a privilege, and not to be taken lightly;

– why having nerves before doing something important is CRUCIAL to perform at your best;

– why she’s terrified about the idea of her life ending too soon and the fact that life is too short to waste any more time carrying around your mistakes;

– how she incorporates perspective, gratitude and regular reality checks into her day-to-day life because…. the past cannot be re-written, so the best option is to bring your ‘old’ selves with you;

– research-based data on the number of serious secrets people carry around with them at any given time (this will definitely surprise you);

– why you need to separate WHAT you’ve done from WHO you are and why it’s futile to worry about worrying;

– Casey’s take on the 4 A’s of Anxiety (you’ll find theses at @25.45) and how the 3rd A is actually a good one;

– a great analogy about comparison syndrome and why it’s just like buying a house;

– Casey’s 2 top tips about how to stop worrying about what other people think;

– why you might never have the friendships out of Sex & the City, and that’s ok (even scientific research says so).

“Being a confident woman is that real deep knowing, that the universe and the people around you, have totally got your back AND... that you’ve got your own back.”

This really is one of the best conversations EVER with a woman who is her own biggest critic AND fan!
And she can teach you why you should be too.

It’s funny, it’s insightful, it’s raw and it has great energy so make sure you take 46mins out of your time this week, and join Jodie and Casey for a BFF chat that you won’t regret.

Connect with Casey
    Website:  www.caseyberos.com
    Instagram:  @caseyberos and @thebadgirlsguidetobetter
    Facebook:  @caseyberostv
    Purchase the book – The Bad Girls Guide to Better

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