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40. Why You Absolutely Must Manage Your Comparison Syndrome!

40. Why You Absolutely Must Manage Your Comparison Syndrome!

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So, if you’re an Aussie, you’ll know that… in Sydney, we’re well and truly into our 3rd month of continuous lockdown at the time that this episode was recorded. We’re all losing our minds, we’re cleaning out cupboards we didn’t even know we had, and we’re spending waaaay too much time on social media. Which means, we’re opening ourselves up to the horrifying Comparison Syndrome.

Yep – every time you look at what some else has, is doing, or has achieved and you compare it to what YOU have, are doing or have achieved, you are suffering from Comparison Syndrome…. and it needs to STOP!  We need to learn how to manage Comparison Syndrome!

Join Jodie and Anastasia in this episode where they have a really insightful, open and honest conversation about what Comparison Syndrome looks like and what you can do to stop it.

You’ll learn:

what Comparison Syndrome really is, why we ALL suffer from it (yes, you too!) and how it can affect every aspect of our lives;

– what the opposite of Comparison Syndrome is and why you’re DEFINITELY better off doing that instead;

– a great story about when Jodie realised she was suffering from Comparison Syndrome, while she was actually lecturing her son about not doing the same thing;

– why comparing your journey to someone else’s is actually counter-productive, completely demotivating and just a complete waste of time;

how badly comparison damages your confidence and why it’s NEVER apples vs apples when you’re comparing yourself to someone else;

– why you should pretend to be an elite athlete and ALWAYS strive for your own PB;

– and…. 5 fantastic confidence-building techniques that will help you to manage Comparison Syndrome INSTANTLY!

“Stop looking at the outside world for validation, ego-stroking and acceptance, and instead, try to appreciate what you have, where you’re at in your life, what you’ve learnt and what it took to get there.”

This episode WILL help you with lockdown, with social media comparisons and with your life in general, because it will teach you EXACTLY what you need to do to manage Comparison Syndrome and just get on with living your best life possible.

So, join Jodie and Anastasia and stop Comparison Syndrome once and for all!


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