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36. Is your Perfectionism Destroying your Confidence?… with Dr Margaret Rutherford

36. Is your Perfectionism Destroying your Confidence?… with Dr Margaret Rutherford

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Join Jodie as she interviews Dr Margaret Rutherford PhD – host of The Self Work podcast, author of the book Perfectly Hidden Depression, and a psychologist with 25 years’ worth of professional experience.

The need to be (or APPEAR to be) perfect can become a chronic issue for so many women,  so we know you’ll all find this so valuable. Perfectionism often leads to self-criticism, stress, anxiety, fear of failure and can also often be a mask for depression, so if you’ve EVER felt any of these emotions, then THIS is the episode for you.

 But please note, this episode touches on the topic of suicide, so if that’s a sensitive topic for you, please feel free to skip this one.  x

 In this episode, Jodie and Dr Margaret have an amazingly insightful conversation on perfectionism and how it can affect our confidence. They share funny stories, real-life insights and invaluable information on:

– how she went from a singer of jingles to a battered womens’ shelter volunteer to a psychologist… in the space of 9 years;

– a fantastic technique on how to label and manage anxiety, to stop it from crippling you in your day-to-day life;

– why you need to discover the inherent difference between “the swimmer who is trying to beat her best time in the pool, and the swimmer who constantly has her eye on the next lane, and is wondering if she is going to win.”

– how constructed or goal oriented perfectionism (aka winning) can be so destructive to our confidence… if we CHOOSE to stay there;

– why the voices in your head are often NOT your own;

– why identifying elements of choice and joy in your decisions, is SO crucial to your confidence and your happiness;

– why learning to say NO can sometimes lead to feelings of shame and guilt, and how to manage this (and understand where it comes from);

– the connection between the fear of failure and the pursuit of perfectionism;

– why slip-ups should be considered part of the process, and NOT a failure;

– the 3 different types of perfectionism, and which one of them is an absolute recipe for disaster;

– how changing a light bulb can change your life;

– and SO much more!!!

“You have your strengths and you have your vulnerabilities, and when you can affirm your strengths and accept your vulnerabilities, then neither one of those defines you.”

We could spend ALL day telling you how great this episode is, OR… you can have a listen and discover it for yourself.


Connect with Dr Margaret Rutherford:
    Website: drmargaretrutherford.com 
    Facebook: @drmargaretrutherford

Perfectly Hidden Depression Book

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