30-Day Kick@ss Confidence Challenge


All the tools and techniques you need to get your confidence in shape in just 30-Days!
In just 30-days, you’ll learn the tools and techniques necessary to become a more confident you!

You’ll get:

  • One email per day, for 30-Days, guiding you through new confidence skills
  • Worksheets and Checklists to complete your daily tasks
  • Key techniques, broken down into easy-to-action daily tasks
  • Guidance on forming new habits for a more confident life
  • A wrap-up survey each week, to reinforce what you’ve learned
  • Support and accountability from our confidence coach, Jodie Bruce-Clarke



You’ll also receive our eBook – 10 Quick Tips To Boost Your Confidence

Our beautifully designed, 20+ page eBook, jam-packed with 10 confidence boosting techniques that you can print out and keep within reach for daily reinforcement of what you’ve learned in the 30-Day Challenge!

Normally $9.50