You’ve Got This! Confidence-Boosting Text Message Program



Receive positive and motivating messages direct to your phone!

You’ll receive 5 personalised confidence boosting text messages per week for 12 weeks.

Great GIFT IDEA also!


Our RiSe Women confidence boosting text messages help you get motivated, stay on track and achieve your goals.

It’s like having a motivated, positive, kick@ss best friend in your pocket!

You’ll receive 5 randomly-sent text messages a week that will kickstart your morning on a high, finish your evening with confidence, or just keep you inspired and positive throughout the day.

You’ll never know when they’re coming or what they’ll say, but we KNOW you’ll always love them and they’ll be the perfect way to get that extra little bit of inspiration every day!

After your purchase, we will contact you directly via email to confirm your mobile number and all other details we need.

Great GIFT IDEA also!
(If you are purchasing the program as a gift, please add the recipient’s name in the notes section at checkout so we can personalise the gift voucher and send it to you.)

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