PUMPED! Reader Testimonials


Practical, proven real-life strategies. Read this book and you’ll learn practical, proven real-life strategies to build your confidence in anything you do in life! Pumped is relatable, real, empowering and at times downright laugh out loud funny. Jodie writes with a big open heart and a fierce commitment to helping women stand taller in the world.


Jodie’s stories, especially about challenging fear, have stayed with me since I finished her book and are bringing a fresh perspective to how I view daily life and particularly to how I communicate with my daughter. There are lots of great, achievable suggestions for improving confidence, which I’m ready to apply everyday and particularly in my working life. I have often worked independently within a small team, and now have a small business…in both these situations, confidence is key to “getting stuff done”. Can’t wait to pass the book on to my small business friends, my sisters and eventually my daughter and her friends.


I’ve nearly finished the book & I have found it so resonating! I’ve recommended it to heaps of girlfriends. Thank you for writing such an amazing book….been by far one of the best self-development books I’ve read in a while.



I loved reading ‘Pumped’! Whilst reading it I was thinking of all the women I could share it with… my daughter, my mum, my bestie. It covers all ages. I loved how Jodie’s message was delivered in an authentic and humorous style, makes it an interesting read. This book should be read by all women, whether you think you are confident or not!


Uplifting! Amazing! Downright Fabulous! I love this book! Unlike so many other self-help books that just tell you what to do, this one SHOWS you how to do it. With the step-by-step HOW TO [boost confidence] section it walks you through exactly what to do daily to get your confidence up. I’m already very confident in who I am yet I still learned so much and had many ah-ha moments. This is a great read and an even better “how to” resource. Highly recommended.