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16. Rebuilding Confidence after a marriage breakdown and other life challenges – with Wendy Pettifer

16. Rebuilding Confidence after a marriage breakdown and other life challenges – with Wendy Pettifer

Adventurous, resilient, independent, quirky and funny – just a few words to describe this week’s remarkable guest!

Join us for this fun, inspiring and insightful episode of the Secrets of Confident Podcast, where Jodie interviews Wendy Pettifer – a qualified psychotherapist, author of the blog “How to be Me Again” and the GM of Disability Services at a Sydney not-for-profit.

Wendy has worked most of her career in the Health and Services Industry, primarily with Not-for-Profits who align well with her core values and this week, she talks with Jodie about rebuilding her confidence after the breakdown of a relationship that lasted half her lifetime AND dealing with the confidence-destroying effects of an unexpected redundancy.

Don’t miss this incredible interview and find out :

how you can be a confident woman, but also concurrently suffer and be treated for depression and anxiety;

– why dancing on the tables in pubs made her a great candidate for a boardroom;

– how she rebuilt her sense of family after the breakdown of a 21 year relationship and the heartbreak of her son moving overseas to study;

– how the loss of friendships can create a terrible fear of thinking you are “intrinsically unlikeable”;

– why Wendy believes financial independence is SO important, especially for women over 50;

– how she managed to deal with her unexpected redundancy AND the end of a relationship in the same fortnight;

Wendy’s confidence and the personal confidence techniques that she’s had to call on at different stages in her life have helped her get through adversity, challenges and life traumas and they can help you too because they really are secrets of a truly confident woman.

There are so many amazing nuggets of experience, insight and relatedness in this interview so this is definitely not an episode that you want to miss. PLUS find out why Wendy has our business name tattooed on her body… 😉

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