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57. Reclaim Your Confidence now that He’s Gone – with Lorna Hollinger

57. Reclaim Your Confidence now that He’s Gone – with Lorna Hollinger

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Yes! She’s back! Jodie is thrilled to be RE-interviewing Lorna Hollinger!

Lorna is an award-winning EFT Tapping Practitioner but this time, we’re asking her all about her brand-new best-selling book – Thank God He’s Gone – The Smart Woman’s Guide to Getting Back Your Personal Power and Reclaiming Your Confidence.

In this fun and inspiring episode, Jodie and Lorna discuss the healing process after a relationship breakdown and so much more. 

Join them to learn all about:

– recognising triggers, seeing what you need to address in a relationship and figuring out what requires healing from a previous relationship;

forgiveness and why it’s often the most difficult leg of the journey, because it means you need to own the part you played and stop being a victim;

– the crucial shift in perspective from ‘does he like ME?’ to ‘do I like HIM?’;

– knowing when to catch the constant dialogue that goes on in your head about who did what, and who’s to blame;

– the incredible sentiment behind the statement that ‘Single is a valid lifestyle choice’ and the power that comes with accepting this.

reclaim your confidence

You’ll LOVE this conversation, you’ll LOVE Lorna’s words of wisdom on how to heal after a relationship breakdown and we KNOW you’ll love the amazing energy and positivity that Jodie and Lorna have whenever they get together.

And don’t forget to share this episode with all of the incredible women in your life who might need a little help getting back their personal power and reclaiming their lives. We know they’ll love it too!

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