RiSe Women Scholarship Program

Because Every Woman Deserves to be Confident!

Our goal at RiSe Women is to empower ALL women by giving them the support they need to be their happiest and most confident self... But sometimes we know this can be hard to do on your own.

Everyone wants all the confidence they can get their hands on because With Confidence, Anything is Possible. Sometimes though, life doesn't always give us what we want, so we need to make a conscious choice to go out and get it for ourselves!

Which is why our RiSe Women Scholarship Program is designed to help women who really want to help themselves. It's for women who know that, with the right tools and techniques, they are capable of just about anything. And it's for women who are determined to make positive choices and life-changing decisions to help them push past any obstacles and be the most powerful, confident and self-expressed version of themselves.

We work with a variety of charities who run programs for women who are just that!

We are proud to work with the following organisations:

Current Scholarship Products and Programs

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All the tools and techniques you need to get your confidence in shape - in just 30 Days!

Our 30 Day Kick@ss Confidence Challenge is packed full of practical tools, fun techniques and valuable information. And it's the best way to start working on your confidence TODAY! 

Over the course of just 30 days, you'll learn things about confidence that you never could have imagined. You'll be challenged to make changes that'll push the boundaries of your comfort zone. And you'll be supported every step of the way, because we're invested in your success!

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In this beautifully designed, 20+ page e-book, we examine 10 amazing confidence boosting techniques and give you practical action steps for each one, that you can implement straight away.

You’ll learn how to sound, look, act and feel like the confident woman you've always wanted to be. Plus there's loads of information on taking risks, taking action and bringing confidence into your daily life. And there's one question you must always ask yourself to ensure that you always know how to look after YOU!

In this gorgeous book, you'll find beautiful images, inspirational quotes and lots of easy to read information that will motivate you to become a more confident woman right away!

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Upcoming Scholarship Products and Programs

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