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47. How to scrap boring goals, create powerful habits and WIN!

47. How to scrap boring goals, create powerful habits and WIN!

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Welcome back, to the Secrets of Confident Women podcast for 2022!

We’ve got an amazing episode to kick-start this season and help you make 2022 your best year yet.

Join Jodie and Anastasia as they discuss a topic that we could all use a little help with – how to scrap those boring and unrealistic goals, how to create powerful and lasting habits, and how to win in 2022! 

In this practical and super-useful conversation, Jodie and Anastasia discuss:

what a goal should REALLY look like if you want to be inspired and excited about it;

3 powerful elements of a goal that you can confidently put into action straight away;

– the skills and techniques you absolutely need to create the right goals for you, that can take your career, your business or your life to the next level;

– real-life examples of how to implement your new techniques, and personal stories that PROVE these techniques actually work;

– the key element you need to remember if you want to achieve and succeed in life;

how to combat obstacles and set-backs to guarantee that the power of your goals will ALWAYS be stronger than the power of your excuses;

– why achieving your goals – whether they are big or small – will ALWAYS increase your confidence;

– and who you should turn to when you need a little help to make the magic happen.

scrap boring goals

There are SO many incredible insights and practical tips in this episode that we know you’ll love, so if you’re ready to up the stakes in 2022 and make this the year that you accomplish, achieve and win, then THIS episode is definitely for you.

We’re so excited to be back, bringing you everything you need to know to build your confidence and live the life you truly want because, as we always say…

With Confidence… ANYTHING is possible!


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