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35. Self-love, positivity and body-image confidence… with Brittany Newman

35. Self-love, positivity and body-image confidence… with Brittany Newman

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This week, Jodie interviews 18 year old Brittany Newman – a super-confident young woman who made an impact on Jodie and so many others at a recent RiSe Women workshop.

Brittany is vibrant, proud and adventurous, has moved from beach to beach in her lifetime, is social-media savvy and sets an amazing example for other young women as a curve model – AND she paints on the side.

Join Jodie and Brittany as they discuss:

– why self-love and confidence are so important during isolation and crisis;

– how positivity and confidence are so inextricably linked;

– how self-reflection and self-care give you the break you need to get back into the right mindset;

– how Brittany used her favourite social media platforms as a forum for inspiration, by following only women who inspired and motivated her;

– the catalyst that put her on the path of learning to truly love the body she has, that nurtures and supports her;

– what she learnt from Jodie’s workshop, that led to an amazing realisation… that no-one really cares about the personal flaws that we obsess about;

– why you should always leave positivity behind first, BEFORE you unfollow;

– how putting your phone down will ALWAYS open your eyes up to the beauty of the world around you.

“Confidence for me... is being confident in your own skin, knowing your boundaries, being able to trust yourself and developing a boss energy”

Brittany’s youth and insightfulness is fantastic and her amazing sense of self-awareness at such a young age is inspiring to women of all ages. No judgment, no negativity, no pressure and no toxicity – just self-love, positivity and acceptance.

If this is what the women of our future look like, then we’re in good hands. Listen in on this one, and make sure to share it with your all your friends – young, old and everything in between.  😉

Connect with Brittany:
Instagram: @brittanynewmann


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