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55. 5 Ways to Stop Guilt Impacting Your Life and Your Choices!

55. 5 Ways to Stop Guilt Impacting Your Life and Your Choices!

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Do you need to stop guilt impacting your life and your choices?

Are your feelings of guilt having a negative impact on you?

In this game-changing episode, Jodie & Anastasia talk about all of the different types of guilt that women have to deal with on a daily basis, and how that guilt can manifest itself in their lives and their choices.

In this eye-opening episode, you’ll learn about:

– the many MANY types of guilt that women face every single day, and why we put SO much pressure on ourselves to always get everything right;

– the 3 choices you have when the guilt has become overwhelming (well, it’s 2 really… the 3rd one shouldn’t even be an option for confident women);

– 5 incredible, easy and life-changing techniques that you can start using TODAY to help you stop letting guilt control your life and your decisions;

– How your brain works when it’s processing guilt, the neuroscience behind our techniques and why they absolutely work EVERY TIME;

– why the elusive search for a perfect work-life balance is driving us all crazy, and what we can do about it;

– how basic organisational and time management skills can help you beat the guilt when you start to procrastinate or you’re not achieving at the level that you want;

why saying NO with confidence, is one of the most useful things you’ll ever learn to do (plus, you can check out our “30+ ways to say NO” downloadable pdf)

– why comparison and social media are some of the biggest causes of guilt and feelings of inadequacy, and what you can do to stop it;

– how belief in yourself is the connection between confidence and guilt and why you absolutely MUST reduce one to increase the other.

Stop guilt impacting your life

We loved this conversation and we can’t wait for you to hear it because we know there’s so much value in it for everyone.

So, if you’re tired of feeling guilty or inadequate and you want to take your confidence to the next level and stop letting the guilt control your life, then THIS is the episode for you.


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