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41. From Super Shy to Super Confident! with Lauren Yeates

41. From Super Shy to Super Confident! with Lauren Yeates

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Join Jodie as she interviews Lauren Yeates – celebrity interviewer, entertainment reporter and the owner of Rave It Up, an Australian-owned platform and podcast that provides Celebrity News, Reviews and Interviews.

In this great conversation that showcases Lauren’s incredible transformation, Jodie and Lauren discuss:

– how Lauren began her journey and her business in interviewing celebrities (it all started with her number one Justin Bieber fan club and the Justice Crew);

– how she went from really caring what other people thought, to growing her confidence to a point where she couldn’t care less;

– why living within the boundaries of her comfort zone was holding her back, and which event she attended at 15 years old, that changed her life forever;

– how insights and a-ha moments can propel you forward and change the course of your life in ways you could never imagine;

– Lauren’s toolbox of techniques to help her break-away from her shy-girl persona and be the confident woman she always wanted to be;

– the power that social media has over us, and how to create healthier online habits;

– how she boosts her confidence before a celebrity interview and what she does to make sure she has prepared the best questions possible;

– why you need to own, and really feel, ALL your emotions (yes, even the bad ones) if you want to be able to work through them;

“For me, confidence is about being unapologetically yourself.”

This inspiring interview with a fun and insightful woman will be a great way to get yourself into a really positive headspace, so make sure you don’t miss this one (and don’t forget to share it with all your friends)!

Connect with Lauren Yeates
    Website:  www.raveituptv.com
    Instagram:  @raveituptv
    Facebook: @raveitupshow
    Purchase the book – Knowing What I Know Now


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